Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe

Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe

Armenian Tolma Recipe

Traditional Armenian dish Tolma. Name coming from the word “Toli “, means grape vine. What Tolma is, it’s ground spiced meats,a bit of rice and herbs, mixed together, stuffed with grape vines. Simple and so delicious. Traditionally Tolma was made with finely chopped lamb meat. Nowadays it’s made with different meats, and every household makes it slightly different, but always delicious. I personally prefer beef and turkey mix. To me the turkey meat makes the stuffing softer and lighter, you can always go with your favorite meats.

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Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe

For the meat filling/stuffing 

Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe

2-3 Lbs ground meats (I use turkey and beef)

1 Medium onion

⅓ Cup rice, wash and pour some hot water to cover

¼ Cup fresh cilantro, parsley

2-3 Garlic cloves

1 Tsp ground black pepper

¼ Tsp curry powder

Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe

1 Tsp cayenne pepper,1 Tbs tomato paste

1 Tbs red pepper paste

Dry herbs, such as basil,dill, savory

A jar of grapevines,wash with hot water

Green chili pepper and a few more cloves of garlic ( optional)

Boiling water

Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe


Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe

In a food processor combine all the ingredients except for the meats , rice and grape leaves

Mix until well incorporated

Add it to the meats along with the rice and mix well

Layer the bottom of pan with grape vines

Start rolling, refer to YouTube tutorial for more details

Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe

Arrange the Tolma in your pot, place the sliced green chili and a few cloves of garlic over the top layer, cover with a plate, pour hot boiling water to cover the plate

Bring to a boil and cook 20 minutes

Remove the plate , cover the lid and cook until the rice is cooked

Enjoy tolma with garlic yogurt, fresh herbs and red radish

Bon appetite!

Բարի Ախորժակ!

Armenian Dish Tolma Recipe


  1. What brand of Grape leaves do you suggest? i buy the Orlando ones but they seem a bit thick and hard to roll.

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