Armenian Yogurt

Armenian Yogurt – Մերած Մածուն

Armenian Yogurt

Probably the easiest and simplest thing to make, plus it’s really healthy and delicious. I call this kind of yogurt : Armenian yogurt. Why , because this is the kind of yogurt that my grandmothers and mom used to make, also every Armenian housewife or lady knows how to make this kind of yogurt, therefor I can definitely name this Armenian yogurt🙂
Well , the name is not as important ,as the quality and taste of the food. I can’t compare the taste of this yogurt to the one I used to enjoy in Armenia, that was made with all organic and natural milk, that came from my grandfather’s ,and after my father’s farm . That yogurt was something I miss the most . It was thick and creamy ,with delicious layer of milk fat on top.I could eat that real Armenian yogurt everyday and never get tired.This homemade yogurt is good to use for baking a few delicious treats and even simple cakes, I make perashki, basic yellow cake, we call it : biscuit / бисквит , pancakes, pishki…

Armenian Yogurt
I don’t think anyone would need a specific recipe, that’s how simple this is,but I’ll put down quick directions.
Hope everyone enjoys making their own homemade yogurt.

Armenian Yogurt



Armenian Yogurt
Bring the milk to a simmer ( quantity of the milk doesn’t really matter,as much as you need,I used 2 cups )
Note* Be sure to use full fat milk, to avoid thin and runny yogurt
Allow to cool down to a lukewarm temperature about 107°F/ 42°C , it should be really warm,but not hot nor too cold
In a small bowl or cup,mix together 1tsp plain yogurt ( full fat), 1 tsp sour cream,1 tsp lebni ( strained yogurt)
Add a few teaspoons of the warmed milk to the yogurt mixture and stir to incorporate and to slightly temper the mixture
Pour that tempered yogurt mixture into the milk and gently stir, once or twice, don’t mix too much!
Cover with lid ,and wrap the pot ( or jar) with a warm blanket or towel
Allow to sit in a warm place for 5-8 hours
Refrigerate before serving

Armenian Yogurt

Tip* if for some reason the yogurt is not formed within 5-8 hours,or still runny, reheat the milk again to the right temperature and repeat the process

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