Almond Caramel

Amaretto Almond Caramel Bites Recipe

Almond Caramel Bites I’m not a big fan of candy or sweets in general, but when it comes to this one, I can eat non stop and finish the entire batch all by myself. And by “this” I mean :Amaretto almond caramel bites. Chewy ,creamy ,crunchy and so delicious.Preparation is not difficult or complicated, a […]

Almond Brittle Recipe – Homemade Candy Recipe

Almond Brittle Recipe I can’t even think of what to write or how to describe these delicious snacks called almond brittle . A quick made snack that takes only 2 ingredients and approximately 7-10 minutes of your time. As simple as that. I really like these with my poached pears or just with my cup […]

Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers My all time favorite summertime dish : rice stuffed bell peppers .The best part about this dish, is that it’s super easy to make, tastes absolutely delicious hot or cold, the same or the next day. I even freeze these for weeks . These rice stuffed bell peppers are a great […]

Potato Patties Recipe

Potato Patties Recipe – Пирожки

Potato Patties Recipe Fried potato patties recipe. One of the few things that my entire family loves to eat , even more, if I make these fried potato patties every day, my teenager son will be the happiest guy on earth. He swallows these as it’s the end of the world and no food is […]

No bake nutella cake

No Bake Nutella Cake Recipe

No Bake Nutella Cake When you’re not in the mood to bake or spend too much time making a dessert, my latest “sweet creation” is the perfect fit: no bake  cake with cream cheese frosting. Didn’t take me too much time or efforts but the result was worth every minute spend on testing the recipe. […]

egg rolls

Lavash and Cheese Egg Rolls

  Easy Breakfast Idea Easy breakfast idea for your consideration. One of my favorite Armenian breakfast appetizers . Lavash and cheese egg rolls : crispy, flaky, cheesy, slightly spiced with peppers and fresh greens added to preference . Such a simple meal yet so filling, satisfying, it will keep you going for hours . These […]

Chocolate Cups Recipe

Chocolate Cups Recipe

Chocolate Cups Recipe Incredibly delicious and super easy to make chocolate cups recipe to your consideration. Only a few simple ingredients, 30-35 minutes of your time and the most delicate dessert will be ready to indulge.Crisp on the outside soft and moist inside.My favorite way to serve these chocolate cups is with a scoop of […]

rice pops

Rice Pops Recipe – Krispy Treats Recipe

Rice Pops Recipe Turned my childrens favorite rice Krispy Treats into Rice Pops , with just a few extra things added. Have to say, those rice pops turned out really cute looking and with an extra hint of cherry flavour ,they tasted even better. Of course you can make these same rice pops with your favorite […]