Basturma Omelette Recipe

Basturma Omelette Recipe – Apukht Omelette

Basturma Omelette Recipe

Recently I shared a Basturma  recipe and YouTube tutorial on how to make this delicious, flavorful Armenian appetizer, which is a simple cured meat coated with spiced fenugreek paste .

I thought I’d might as well share a very quick and delicious Armenian breakfast idea with that same apukht/ Basturma. As a child, this was one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast, and it was so simple I wouldn’t even ask my mom to make it for me.

 Basturma Omelette Recipe

I don’t think anyone will need a recipe for a simple omelette with Basturma added, but a few quick instructions will be helpful for those non Armenian followers who never tried this extremely tasty, quick breakfast, and by the way, I personally like this omelette any time of the day, even for late night quick meal, not that I’m suggesting to eat breakfast at night, but when cravings visit me that late, I’m very well prepared 🙂

 Basturma Omelette Recipe

I’d ask to watch the YouTube tutorial and not even bother reading these instructions, but in case you have no access to that, here are quick instructions on how to make this omelette.

You’ll make as much as you need, everyone knows how many eggs they need in their omelette , so this is no different from your regular omelette, except for added Basturma.

I hope you guys try this quick dish and love it as much as I do.

Basturma Omelette Recipe

Here are quick instructions on how to make Basturma omelette

Basturma Omelette Recipe

Melt the butter in a fry pan and add the small thin slices 

Fry the meat on both sides and add whisked eggs, remember that Basturma is pretty salty so be sure to add only a very small amount of salt

Cook for as long as you like your omelette cooked and enjoy !


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