Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine

Beetroot Pickle Recipe – Armenian Cuisine

Beetroot Pickle Recipe

Another variety of pickled veggies from Armenian cuisine: beetroot pickle . Those who ever tried this particular pickled veggie may recall the uniquely delicious taste of it. A while ago I posted a picture of beetroot pickle on my instagram and Facebook pages, and got to realize that many were interested in learning how to make this incredibly tasty appetizer.

I don’t go by a strict recipe when making my pickled appetizers, this one isn’t an exception. All you need to know is the right proportions for salt and water, also I normally add a small amount of sugar to the brine. As for additional ingredients, it’s ok to add anything you’d prefer with your pickled veggies.

Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine
I personally like ground black pepper, allspice and bay leaves , of course fresh garlic and herbs are also a great addition to any pickled veggies. So keep that in mind and feel free to mix and match spices and seasonings. I can guarantee your beetroot pickle with turn out very delicious. Another tip for great tastings beetroot pickle, try to use fresh, young beetroot with stems. Simply refer to YouTube tutorial for more details. I will not be writing an exact recipe, because this is another one of those “no recipe” appetizers that you’d make as much as you need, all you want to know is water, salt and sugar proportions, I’ll post those below this intro.

Hope you try and share your feedback!

Good luck!

Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine


Fresh beetroot


Fresh herbs: parsley, dill, cilantro (anything on hand)


Black pepper seeds

Allspice seeds

Salt, be sure to use kosher, sea or pickling salt only

I also add spicy chili or jalapeño pepper for heat, optional

Filtered water

Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine


Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine
To make the brine simply mix following ingredients with these proportions:to

8 cups water add ¼ cup salt, 1tbs sugar (it is about ¾ tbs salt to each 1 cup of water, ¼ tsp sugar )

Prepping the beetroot

Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine

Wash and cut off the stems and roots from beetroot and cook until tender

Remove the leaves from stems and tie them into stocks,refer to YouTube tutorial for more details

Cook the stems only 4-5 minutes or until tender

Peel the cooked beetroot, slice into ¾” thick circles

Assembling the veggies and spices for pickling

Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine

On the bottom of a glass or plastic container combine spices and herbs: black pepper seeds, allspice, bay leaves and herbs

Next, arrange the beetroot and stems

Place another layer of spices and herbs

Pour the brine over to cover the veggies completely

Place a heavy plate over and set at a room temperature for 5-7 days or until it is pickled, taste to see if it’s ready

Store the pickled veggies in fridge for long month


Bon appetite!

Բարի Ախորժակ!

Beetroot Pickle Recipe - Armenian Cuisine

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