Cooked Buckwheat Recipe

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe by Heghineh

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe

Buckwheat is a superfood, and probably one of the most nutritious grains, although it’s more of a seed of a plant, not an actual grain. And despite its name, it doesn’t have anything to do with wheat, it’s completely gluten free. I’d suggest to google more about its nutritional facts, just to see how important is it in general.

Not to mention, buckwheat is also very tasty, easy to cook, and most importantly inexpensive. Most Mediterranean or Armenian stores carry it .

I grew up eating this delicious pilaf and hearing how good it is for you. That made me do the same for my own children. From early age I’ve been feeding them with buckwheat pilaf at least once a week. Luckily, they all loved be and enjoy eating it. As a side , I’d suggest to go with a simple salad , just like the one I made in YouTube tutorial video, or I’d even serve it with salsa or meat patties. I don’t want to post a precise recipe, since there’s no need for one, just watch the video and you’ll see.

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe

Hope you’ll try it, if you never did. Trust me, you’ll absolutely love it!

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Happy cooking!

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe


Buckwheat, cleaned and washed very thoroughly

Boiling water

Butter and olive oil, or either one of them


Cooked Buckwheat Recipe


In a pot, melt the butter with oil

Add the buckwheat and fry 2-3 minutes, mix constantly

Add boiling water, as much as you need to cover the grains, plus a bit extra

Salt to taste

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe

Cover the lid and cook over low heat 10-15 minutes, or until the water is simmered completely

Bon Apetite!

Բարի ախորժակ!