On two or more Cake Orders whitin certain LA areas



Hey Everyone!

Happy to announce to all my local friends and followers, that I’ll be taking cake orders from now on. Orders to be picked up by you.

It’s been almost a year, that I have been getting so many requests from you and decided to give it a go, especially when opening a small bakery is on my future plans.

The majority of my cakes are by my original, written from scratch,  recipes and all of them are posted on my blog and YouTube channel. I know many of you have tried and liked them, but apparently not many enjoy baking 🙂

I’ve been taking occasional orders during past few month. Now I want to do this in more organized manner. I have posted all the cakes/prices, that are available for you to order. I will be updating throughout the month, as I write and post cake recipes once or twice a month.

You can reach me out on instagram via direct message or Facebook and place your orders at least 48 hours ahead.

Really quickly about the ingredients I use to make my cakes.

    • I never use shortening or vegetable spreads, Unsalted Butter Only
    • I use only Unbleached Flour (King Arthur brand)
  • Range free eggs
  • Another detail: I don’t like using edible glitters, cake candy or artificial decors, I personally don’t like nor eat those 🙂
  • I prefer decorating my cakes with natural decor (berries, shredded or shaved chocolate, cake crumbs, fresh leaves, flower petals etc.)
  • Cake size 9” round or 9”x13” rectangle
  • My cakes are Homemade,may not look fancy or stylish, but great taste is guaranteed!

Hope I have enough information about my new project, if not, feel free to contact

Thank you all!