Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers My all time favorite summertime dish : rice stuffed bell peppers .The best part about this dish, is that it’s super easy to make, tastes absolutely delicious hot or cold, the same or the next day. I even freeze these for weeks . These rice stuffed bell peppers are a great […]

Potato Patties Recipe

Potato Patties Recipe – Пирожки

Potato Patties Recipe Fried potato patties recipe. One of the few things that my entire family loves to eat , even more, if I make these fried potato patties every day, my teenager son will be the happiest guy on earth. He swallows these as it’s the end of the world and no food is […]

egg rolls

Lavash and Cheese Egg Rolls

  Easy Breakfast Idea Easy breakfast idea for your consideration. One of my favorite Armenian breakfast appetizers . Lavash and cheese egg rolls : crispy, flaky, cheesy, slightly spiced with peppers and fresh greens added to preference . Such a simple meal yet so filling, satisfying, it will keep you going for hours . These […]

Chicken quesadilla Cake Recipe

Chicken Quesadilla Cake Recipe

Chicken Quesadilla Cake Chicken quesadilla is one of the least dishes that my entire family likes to eat. Normally I’d make a few different meals for one dinner, to make sure they all have what they like. Making individual quesadillas is quite time taking. So I came up with this “cake” version, just to be […]

Vegetable Frittatas Recipe

Frittatas Recipe Another perfect vegetarian appetizer that tastes absolutely delicious and looks so colorful ,just gorgeous .And I’m talking about simple frittatas.Decided to add some shredded beetroot to my sweet potato frittatas and really liked how they turned out.The overall taste didn’t really change much, but the sweetness from adding the beetroot gave a really […]

Zucchini pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes One of my favorite springtime appetizers.Super easy and quick to make,plus very delicious .Except for the frying part Zucchini pancakes can be considered as healthy vegetarian appetizers When it comes to cooking ,I don’t always follow recipes , eyeball works most of the time. But of course, one can’t write recipes by eyeball so […]

Homemade Lahmajun Meat Pie Recipe – Լահմաջուն

Homemade Lahmajun Meat Pie Recipe – Լահմաջուն

Homemade Lahmajun  Meat Pie Recipe Lahmajun: an Armenian dish made of bread and spiced minced meat ,with tomato sauce and parsley . Very flavorful and delicious , yet so easy to make.This dish is often called as Middle Eastern or Armenian pizza .I still think the word pizza is not what really describes this specific […]

Pigs in a Blanket Recipe

How to bake Pigs in a Blanket Recipe Ingredients 5 Squares of Puff pastry dough,each sliced into 8 triangles 14 oz (396g) Lit’l Smokies (mini smoked sausage) 1 Egg   Directions Preheat oven to 375° F /180C degree Line a baking sheet or use a nonstick baking pan Wrap the sausages Egg wash and bake […]