Honey Whiskey Cake Recipe

How to Make Honey Whiskey Cake

Honey Whiskey Cake Recipe Another, classic sweet: honey, whiskey cake or as they originally call it “ mujskoi ideal”, Russian name that makes no sense to me, so I don’t really refer to this cake by that name. To me this is a simple honey whiskey cake with walnuts and caramel buttercream. I came up […]

Strawberry Cream Cake Recipe

How to Make Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry Cream Cake Recipe Quickly made up strawberry cream cake, just because I had all of the appropriate ingredients on hand. Made strawberry preserves to sell on my fruitlavash.com, and ended up with too much leftover syrup. Then I also had sponge cake layers from a few days ago, which I baked to do another […]

Fig Tart Recipe - Fig Dessert Recipes

Fig Tart Recipe – Թզով Թարթ

Fig Tart Recipe Came up with an easy fig tart recipe and decided to share. I like be experimenting on tarts, and I do have a few great recipes on my blog. This one came out really tasty, would love to hear your opinion after you try it. You can always reach me out on […]

Tart Crust Recipe by Heghineh

Tart Crust Recipe – Թարթ թխվածք

Tart Crust Recipe Simple tart crust recipe, before I share a few of my tart versions. I’ve been experimenting on tart recipes recently, and came up with a few really tasty tarts that I can’t wait to share. Then I thought I’d better share the tart crust recipe and tutorial first, so that I don’t […]

Chocolate Walnut Cake Recipe - Cake Mishka

Chocolate Walnut Cake Recipe – Cake Mishka

Chocolate Walnut Cake Recipe Soft and crumbly chocolate walnut cake called Mishka, which means bear in Russian . Have to admit that after trying the original recipe, I wasn’t quite impressed with this chocolate walnut cake. It turned out so dry, that I even used sugar syrup to moisten the top layer. Decided to do […]

Tiramisu Honey Cake Recipe

Tiramisu Honey Cake Recipe

Tiramisu Honey Cake I’m sure there’s no such a thing as tiramisu honey cake, it may not even sound right, but when I come up with sweet ideas, things happen. I uploaded one of my honey cake recipes on my Armenian YouTube channel, and while making that cake, I realized that if I make the […]

Apricot Cake Bars Recipe

Apricot Cake Bars Recipe

Cake Bars Recipe Came up with a quick and easy recipe for sponge cake bars. In this case apricot cake bars. There’s this one recipe for a vanilla buttercream sponge cake, that I was going to test, then halfway through I got a little lazy, but mostly tired and decided to make something quick, just […]