Pistachio Baklava Recipe by Heghineh

Pistachio Baklava Recipe by Heghineh

Pistachio Baklava Recipe Another sweetness from baklava pastry family : pistachio baklava as the name it’s been called with is quite unusual, if translated from Armenian: lady’s belly button. I’ll skip the name and simply call it pistachio baklava, it sounds more appropriate. The making is quite simple, yet slightly time taking. However, the the […]

Napoleon Recipe by Heghineh

Easy Napoleon Recipe – Հեշտ Նապոլեոն

Napoleon Recipe by Heghineh This may be the easiest Napoleon recipe you’ve ever tried , not to mention: the tastiest. I make this kind of Napoleon, just because of its simplicity and quickness , plus my girls love helping me with making them and it’s usually ready within a short period of time. I presented […]

Tart Crust Recipe by Heghineh

Tart Crust Recipe – Թարթ թխվածք

Tart Crust Recipe Simple tart crust recipe, before I share a few of my tart versions. I’ve been experimenting on tart recipes recently, and came up with a few really tasty tarts that I can’t wait to share. Then I thought I’d better share the tart crust recipe and tutorial first, so that I don’t […]

How to Make Armenian Gata with Puff Pastry

Armenian Gata with Puff Pastry

Armenian Gata with Puff Pastry I was going through my older uploads, came to realize that my tutorial for  Armenian Gata with puff pastry, wasn’t detailed and properly presented. Decided to reupload it, as I also updated the recipe. Hopefully this new upload for Armenian Gata, will bring more recognition to the oldest and most […]

Maamoul Cookies Recipe - Stuffed Cookies

Maamoul Cookies Recipe – Արմավով Թխվածքաբլիթներ

Maamoul Cookies Delicious Maamoul, date stuffed cookies, from my Middle Eastern desserts menu. These buttery and crumbly Maamoul cookies are one of my personal favorite sweets. I bake these every time I crave for something different and comforting, as a treat. Came across a few different recipes and versions for the same cookies, and put […]

Sugar Glazed Doughnuts Recipe - Pishki - Пышки

Sugar Glazed Doughnuts Recipe – Դոնաթս

Glazed Doughnuts Recipe Simple sugar glazed doughnuts ( Пышки ) are my children’s favorites. I don’t make them often, but when I do, it’s like a feast in our kitchen, everyone gathers, helps, bothers and the after all of this, the mess is simply unbelievable. Now you know why I don’t make these glazed doughnuts, […]

Apricot Turnover Recipe

Apricot Turnover Recipe

Apricot Turnover Recipe Quick and easy turnover recipe, not with traditional apple cinnamon filling but with my favorite apricots. Last year one of my instagram followers asked me to post an apricot turnover recipe, wasn’t able to and you know how short is the season for that fruit, so finally I was able to put […]

Fried Doughnuts Recipe - Greek Loukoumades

Fried Doughnuts Recipe – Greek Loukoumades

Fried Doughnuts Recipe You can never have enough doughnuts recipe, especially fried doughnuts , my favorite kind. And, yes I am very well aware it’s not the healthiest food , but as a treat once in awhile we can go for it and forget about it, until the next time. I already posted a few […]