How to Make Dried Cherries

Dried Cherries Recipe by Heghineh

Dried Cherries Recipe by Heghineh A snack so simple yet so addictive: dried cherries . I make my homemade dried fruits every summer, I love to dry plums, prunes, peaches , even watermelon . But the most and best is dried cherries. Every time I come across to meaty and sweet fruit , especially when […]

Dried Watermelon Snack Recipe

Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe

Dried Watermelon Recipe Back in Armenia, where I was born and raised, making dry fruits in summertime was quite common. Dried fruit snacks were the most delicious food in wintertime, when many of the fresh fruits were no longer in season. I can’t say that dried watermelon was very popular, but it surely was one […]