Grilling Vegetables in Our Backyard - Vlog Post

Grilling Vegetables in Our Backyard – Vlog Post

Grilling Vegetables – Hvlog Quick vlog episode when grilling vegetables in our backyard.   Check out if you have a moment. Got so many requests from my YouTube subscribers, as well as from my other social media: instagram and Facebook followers, to make more vlogs and thought we’d film this as well. Nothing special , just […]

Discovery Cube LA

Our Trip to Discovery Cube LA

Discovery Cube LA So lucky that Discovery Cube LA is only 10 minutes away from our house.Every fun place we go, is at least 45 minutes or longer to drive. Very spontaneous, unplanned decision to take our two youngest kids somewhere to have a little fun, let out their unlimited energy and just spend quality […]

Our Sunday Dinner

Our Sunday Dinner Having a tough schedule like we do, it’s not always possible to gather everyone for family dinner.But at least a few times a week we manage to do that. A quick episode of our Sunday dinner: as always ,one family 5-6 dishes to meet everyone’s taste . Hope you guys enjoy watching […]

Go To Time Out

Go To Time Out

Go To Time Out A few episodes of our casual weekday. Well, it’s not everyday that Arqa  would tell me to : go to time out !!! But it happens only a few times a week. Gotta keep him happy all the time, to avoid problems:) Just wanted to introduce you to everyone who lives […]

Our Trip to San Diego

Our Trip to San Diego

Trip to San Diego A few quick clips from our family trip to San Diego. We went there for my oldest son’s hockey game. Our hockey season is on now and we’ll be traveling,going places for most of his away games.We make family videos wether is for vlog or not, and though it might be […]