Lentil Kofte Recipe

Lentil Kofte Recipe – Ոսպով Կոլոլակ

Lentil Kofte Recipe Healthy ,easy and very delicious appetizer from Armenian cuisine : Lentil kofte. There are no tricks or any special instructions when making this meal. I normally make it by eyeballing and every time it turns out just perfect. Hope you guys try it too and enjoy! Ingredients  1 cup of red lentil, […]

Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe

Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe – Manti

Vegetarian Dumplings   Really delicious, easy to make vegetarian dumplings. Love turning meat dishes into vegetarian and still keep the taste , not exact of course but close enough, sometimes even better. A few months ago, I made a video on a traditional Armenian dish called Manti or otherwise known as Boraki. After that video […]

Bulgur Salad - Itch Salad

Bulgur Salad – Itch Salad

Bulgur Salad Recipe Healthy, easy and quick to make bulgur salad from Armenian cuisine. One of my and my children’s favorites. I’d say it’s more of a winter time salad, but when you crave a comfort food, this salad can be perfect just anytime of the year. My version for this bulgur salad is slightly […]

Pasus Tolma Recipe - Պասուց Տոլմա

Pasus Tolma Recipe – Պասուց Տոլմա

Pasus Tolma Recipe My absolute favorite New Year festivity dish from Armenian cuisine: Pasus Tolma / stuffed cabbage leaves. This flavorful and tasty Tolma is one of the most popular among all the various Holiday dishes.Very simple to make and the best part is that Pasus Tolma can be made ahead of time , freeze […]

Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Red Pepper Hummus Recipe by Heghineh

Red Pepper Hummus Recipe I don’t think this appetizer needs an introduction: roasted red pepper hummus recipe. It’s healthy, flavorful, easy to make and super delicious! Taste great with fresh veggies, chips and grilled meats, and the best part, it takes only a few minutes to prepare. You can definitely leave out the red peppers […]

Veggie Burger Recipe

Veggie Burger Recipe by Heghineh

Veggie Burger Recipe Having a vegetarian at home, completely changes the way you cook, or think of managing your meals. plus being a big fruit and veggie lover myself helps to keep my regular cooking menu quite healthy, and I can’t quit my breads and pastries so no comments on that 🙂 I’ve got quite […]