Vegetarian Harissa Recipe by Heghineh

Vegetarian Harissa Recipe – Armenian Cuisine

Vegetarian Harissa Recipe Another ideal lent dish from Armenian Cuisine : vegan or vegetarian harissa , made with a few simple ingredients: wheat, onions, walnuts and oil, as simple as that. This type of harissa isn’t as known as the one with meat. But since I started a month of vegan, vegetarian cooking, I thought […]

Rapini Recipe by Heghineh

Rapini Recipe by Heghineh

Easy Rapini Recipe Super simple, healthy and delicious rapini recipe, not even a recipe, but rather a few quick steps how to make this yummy green. Have to admit, I discovered rapini only a few years ago. It was one of the many different greens that we didn’t grow back in Armenia, my motherland, therefore […]

Nettle Soup Recipe - Եղինջով ապուր

Nettle Soup Recipe – Եղինջով ապուր

Nettle Soup Recipe Yet another healthy, vegetarian meal from Armenian cuisine: nettle soup. While this nutritious green is in season, use the chance and cook it a few times. Add this nettle soup to your healthy meals or lent menu. I can guarantee you’ll enjoy every sip of it. Different Armenian regions make this soup […]

Lentil Stuffed Peppers - Ոսպով Լցոնած Պղպեղ

Lentil Stuffed Peppers – Ոսպով Լցոնած Պղպեղ

Lentil Stuffed Peppers Recipe These lentil stuffed bell peppers quickly became one of my absolute favorites. Quickly made up healthy vegetarian dish turned out so delicious, I couldn’t help to share the recipe. Most importantly, the dish is super simple to make and requires no special efforts, even more, it tastes delicious hot or cold, […]

Green Bean Appetizer Recipe

Green Bean Appetizer Recipe – Armenian Cuisine

Green Bean Appetizer Recipe Simplest and the most delicious green bean appetizer from Armenian cuisine. To be honest, I haven’t made this cold appetizer for a while, could be for a few years, even started craving it. Then, I thought, this will be a good addition to the month of “cooking green & healthy”. If […]

Peeled Wheat Pilaf with Mushrooms Recipe

Peeled Wheat Pilaf with Mushrooms Recipe

Peeled Wheat Pilaf with Mushrooms Delicious peeled wheat pilaf with mushrooms. Another one of my quickly made up meals. This one is inspired by another dish from Armenian cuisine. A simple meal made with cooked wheat topped with caramelized onions, seasoned with black pepper. My version of the dish is slightly different with extra seasonings […]

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe by Heghineh

Cooked Buckwheat Recipe Buckwheat is a superfood, and probably one of the most nutritious grains, although it’s more of a seed of a plant, not an actual grain. And despite its name, it doesn’t have anything to do with wheat, it’s completely gluten free. I’d suggest to google more about its nutritional facts, just to […]