How To Make Cherry Compote

How To Make Cherry Compote

Cherry Compote Recipe

Last minute decision to share how I make my cherry compote , something I make every summer as soon as I get hold of good meaty cherries. Luckily, this year they went to sale so very often and I couldn’t miss the chance to make the most flavorful fruit drink ever.

I normally make my cherry compote by eyeballing and it always turns out amazing.

All you need is three simple ingredients: water, sugar, cherries and most importantly time and patience. This isn’t anything difficult to make , but will require a little time.

You’ll also need sterilized jars, preferably large ones. Watch the tutorial for more details on recycling your jars .

I’ll go ahead and put down quick instructions on how you can make cherry compote and hope many will try.

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Thank you all!

How To Make Cherry Compote


How To Make Cherry Compote

Fresh meaty cherries , washed , stems removed


Boiling water, that way the syrup will start cooking faster

You’ll also need sterilized jars

How To Make Cherry Compote


How To Make Cherry Compote

In a pot combine boiling water and sugar

Bring to a boil

Water-sugar proportions to your taste (I’d say 1 cup water + 1 ½  tbs sugar, better slightly sweet)

Carefully place the cherries in boiling syrup and cook 3-4 minutes

Then place the cherries in jars, halfway the jar

Pour boiling syrup and screw

Put the jar upside down and cover with towel or blanket, to let it cool down slowly, may take 8-10 hours

Store in cool place or in fridge

Enjoy in wintertime or whenever you crave something summery and delicious!

Bon appetite!

Բարի ախորժակ!

How To Make Cherry Compote