How to Make Dried Cherries

Dried Cherries Recipe by Heghineh

Dried Cherries Recipe by Heghineh

A snack so simple yet so addictive: dried cherries .

I make my homemade dried fruits every summer, I love to dry plums, prunes, peaches , even watermelon . But the most and best is dried cherries. Every time I come across to meaty and sweet fruit , especially when it’s on sale, I buy 6-8 lbs at once and straight to the hot syrup they go!

Let me put down a quick recipe for that yummy snack and please watch YouTube tutorial for more detailed instructions and for healthier idea I shared during the video.

How to Make Dried Cherries
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How to Make Dried Cherries


How to Make Dried Cherries

6 lbs fresh cherries , washed (I didn’t remove stems and pits, do it if you like)

4 cups boiling water

2 ½ cups sugar

¼ rum optional

How to Make Dried Cherries


How to Make Dried Cherries


In a pot combine hot water and sugar

Bring to a boil and simmer 7-10 minutes

Add cherries in small batches

Cook 3-4 minutes , use a strained ladle to remove the cherries from boiling syrup and place in a flat but dip container

Pour the syrup over cherries and let at room temperature 8-10 hours (you can add the rum at this point)

Strain out the cherries and place on a wide tray lined with parchment paper

How to Make Dried Cherries


How to dry the cherries 

*You can dry the cherries in 200°F oven 4-6 hours

*Use a dehydrator

*Or the old fashioned way: under the sun. Be sure to cover it with cheesecloth and on day two change the parchment paper and place the cherries on a clean, dry paper

Also make sure to turn the fruits once a day during the drying process

Store in plastic bags , at room temperature or better in fridge,  for freshest taste


How to Make Dried Cherries


  1. Hi Heghine Jan, this looks great, can i do same for figs? My kids love dried figs. Thank you

    • Hi there,
      Haven’t tried with figs. I do t think they make dried figs with sugar syrup, they’re too sweet on their on, I’ll see if I can find out from Armenia and share .
      Thank you for following me 🙂

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