Dried Persimmons - Dried Fruit Recipes

Dried Persimmons – Dried Fruit Recipes

Dried Persimmons Recipe

A real treat for gourmands or rather a sweet reminder of childhood, holidays, winter: dried persimmons. Very delightful fruit, that has a distinct taste and texture. If you never tried this delicious and healthy fruit snack , I really recommend to do so. Late fall is the time when you can start drying process, to get them ready for holiday season. To many of us, Armenians, these dried persimmons are like reminders of New Years. Can’t imagine an Armenian New Year’s table without these sweets, along with other dried fruits. I even made some to sell on my online store at fruitlavash.com, and almost sold out within a few days, so had to make another batch.

I posted these on my instagram and Facebook pages and was surprised how many people were interested in learning how to make dried persimmons. So by many of their requests I decided to film a tutorial.

Dried Persimmons - Dried Fruit Recipes

They take a pretty long time period to dry , 3-4 weeks, depending on weather,and need an often and careful attention in order to turn out properly. The best dried persimmons are soft and jammy inside with slightly dry, chewy skin on the outside .

There are a few very important steps and details that need to be followed so the fruit dries and doesn’t spoil.

As there’s no recipe needed, I’ll give you very quick, but detailed instructions on how to make the best dried persimmons.

Hope you try and like these healthy fruit snacks, and if you have a moment, also search for persimmon nutrition facts and find out about persimmon health benefits, you’ll be surprised how many vitamins this one fruit can give you .

Hope you try and like these and after watching my YouTube tutorial, I’m sure it’ll be much more clear to follow the steps.

Dried Persimmons - Dried Fruit Recipes

Ingredients and things needed: 

Fresh, hard persimmons, better with long stems

Boiling water

Strong thread


A proper place for hanging, keep in mind these fruits like to be under sun and very little wind

You can dry them in oven at 170°F, or at the lowest temperature your oven can be set at

If drying in the oven, place the fruit on a rack

Dried Persimmons - Dried Fruit Recipes

To dry persimmons by hanging:

Peel the fruit

Tie the thread on the stems ( do 2 fruits at a time)

Sterilize in hot boiling water for 3-5 seconds and hang to dry on open air

On day 4-5 gently massage the fruit to make it softer, and that will also guarantee the sweetness of the dried persimmons , refer to YouTube tutorial for more details

Repeat the massage every 4-5 days during 3-4 weeks

Dried Persimmons - Dried Fruit Recipes

To dry in the oven

Peel the fruit

Sterilize in hot water 3-5 seconds

Place on a cooling rack and allow to dry out on open air for 2 days

Hi lace in the 170° oven for many hours

Once in awhile check and see if the skin is dry, massage the fruit and continue drying

Turn Off the oven every 3-4 hours

Let it cool down for 2-3 hours and turn on and restart drying again until ready

You can dip the dried fruit in flour-cornstarch mix to prevent sticking to each other (optional)

½ cup flour + 1 tsp cornstarch

Good luck!

Dried Persimmons - Dried Fruit Recipes


  1. Can’t wait to try . Thanks so much Heghineh jan for your generosity and your kindness . I’m a big fan of you. I’ve been trying many of your recipes specially the armenian ones, they are all excellent and my family loved them . The details and tips you give are great. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  2. Thank you so much Heghineh! I love all your recipes and enjoying them with my family. Can’t wait to give this a try, my favorite. You’re simply wonderful.

  3. I see that some the persimmons drying persimmons getting moldy. How do you get rid of the mold? Do you throw them out or you treat them before consumption?

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