Easy Baklava Recipe

Easy Baklava Recipe

Easy Baklava by Heghineh

This version of easy baklava recipe from Armenian Cuisine can be considered the fastest , easiest and least time consuming . Unless you decide to make the puff pastry dough from scratch. Total prepping and baking time is about an hour. The result is very good looking, glossy and of course very delicious baklava filled with spiced nuts, meringue filling, topped with a good amount of honey. This is easy baklava was one of my childhood favorites, still is, to be honest.
I like baking this kind baklava especially for our New Year’s table, or for any special occasions, it looks very festive and can make any dessert setting look inviting .

You can use different kinds of toasted nuts when making baklava, in general. Traditionally we use toasted ,chopped walnuts, but slivered almonds, pecans or hazelnuts will work just fine. I hope you give it a try to this sweetness and  await for your feedback through my social media pages : Instagram or Facebook.
Happy baking!


3 layers of ready puff pastry dough, roll out to the size of half sheet baking pan

2 cups toasted chopped nuts

5 Large egg, separated

3/4 Cup granulated white sugar

1/3  Tsp ground cinnamon

¼ Tsp ground clove

1 1/2 Cups honey , warmed for easy pouring

1 tbs orange blossom syrup, I use Amoretti brand

Easy Baklava Recipe


Preheat the oven 400 F/200 C degrees

Bake one of the layers, refer to YouTube tutorial for more info

Whisk the egg whites and sugar until meringue consistency

Add cinnamon, clove powder and mix to combine, fold in the nuts with a spatula

Divide the filling into 2 portions

Place the first pastry dough layer in 18″ x 13″″ baking pan

Add half of the meringue mixture and spread evenly

Place baked (cooled down) layer on top and add the rest of the filling , spread and place the last layer

Brush the top with 3 egg yolks, use more if needed

Using a sharp knife slice into diamond shapes

Place whole almonds or walnuts on top of each diamond to decorate (optional)

Bake at 350° F / 180° C degrees preheated oven

35-40 minutes or until golden color

Remove from the oven and pour warmed honey over baklava

Let it cool down and enjoy!

Easy Baklava Recipe


  1. How many days in advance can this be made? Or weeks? I would like to make for my daughters wedding. But worry about it being to soggy.

  2. Baxadratoms@ pordzeci ev shat hamex stacvec, shnorhakalutyun. Isk inchete amenataki shert@ nuynpes arandzin txem, vorpeszi aveli lav stacvi?

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