Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe

Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe – Սխտորած

Eggplant Salad Recipe

Delicious eggplant salad, or I’d say it’s more of an appetizer, from Armenian cuisine called: Սխտորած (skhtorats) , coming from the word garlic. As you would guess, it is flavored with that significant veggie. And I’m sure you know that garlic and eggplants go together very well. This eggplant salad is quite simple in making, can be served warm or cold, the same or the next day. It’ll taste equally delicious either way.

Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe

Only a few ingredients needed to make this simple eggplant salad. If you watch YouTube tutorial, I doubt you’ll ask for a recipe, that’s how easy it is and can be simply eyeballed . Recently I came across to a few posts of this salad on instagram and Facebook , posted by my friends, and it was a good reminder for me to share it with all of you.

Hope you try this recipe and enjoy it .

Happy cooking!
Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe


Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe

4-5 medium eggplants, I use Italian eggplants , but any will work just fine

1 large tomato

2-3 cloves of garlic

3-4 tbs finely chopped parsley, same amount for cilantro and basil

½ tsp ground black pepper

Salt to taste

⅔ cup olive oil for frying

Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe


Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe

Wash and peel the eggplants, leave a thin stripe of the skin on

Slice into thin lengthwise slices

Lightly salt and set aside, salted eggplants will start forming some liquid

While eggplants are getting ready, start making the dressing

Finely chop all your herbs, tomato, mince the garlic

Add salt and pepper, toss to combine, set aside to marinade

It’s time to preheat the skillet filled with olive oil

Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe

While the skillet is getting hot, start squeezing the liquid out from eggplants, it’s a good idea to tap them with paper towel after you squeeze, that’ll help to remove all the liquid, plus they won’t absorb too much oil if you do this extra step

Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe

Arrange fried eggplants on your serving platter

Generously drizzle with dressing and allow to set about 25-30 minutes and enjoy

Bon appetite !

Բարի Ախորժակ!

Fried Eggplant Salad Recipe