How to Make Fig Jam - Թզի ջեմ

How to Make Fig Jam – Թզի ջեմ

Easy Fig Jam Recipe

While figs are in season, decided to share an easy fig jam recipe. The best part about figs, is that originally the figs are super sweet and don’t require too much sugar. I’m sure you’ll be able to replace the sugar with honey or agave to make it even healthier. I’ll do a couple of tests and may even come up with a recipe, but not until next season.

For now let’s try this easy fig jam recipe and be sure to save some when you make it. I’ll be writing a fig tart recipe, where I’m planning to use this jam as a base. If you’re following my Facebook or instagram, you should see my recipe test results and also my other daily food picks.

Let’s get to the recipe and good luck!

How to Make Fig Jam - Fig Jam Recipe


How to Make Fig Jam - Fig Jam Recipe

4 lbs fresh ripe figs, be sure to choose soft and sweet fruits

1 ½ lbs granulated white sugar

The juice of one lemon (I forgot to add it during YouTube tutorial)

2 tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp ground clove , use more if you like stronger taste

How to Make Fig Jam - Fig Jam Recipe


How to Make Fig Jam - Fig Jam Recipe

Wash the fruit, remove the stems

Coarsely chop and place in the pot where it will be cooking (you can use your processor)

Add the sugar and using a masher , mix and mash until it turns into smooth and slightly runny mixture

Start cooking on medium to low heat, be sure to keep an eye and stir it occasionally to avoid sticking

In about 35-40 minutes it should thicken, it means the jam is almost ready

How to Make Fig Jam - Fig Jam Recipe

At this point you can add the rest of your ingredients : vanilla, clove,lemon juice

Stir again and allow to cook another 5-7 minutes

If you want to have more smoother jam consistency , use a hand blender to mix for a few seconds

You can store your jam in sterilized glass jars or containers

Enjoy !

How to Make Fig Jam - Fig Jam Recipe


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