Italian Cake Teramisu Recipe


Italian Cake Teramisu Easy Recipe


6 Egg yolks (room temperature)

1 ¼  Cup granulated white sugar

1 Cup heavy whipping cream*

500G mascarpone cheese (I use two 8 ounce packs)

500G LadyFingers cookies

2 Tbs cocoa powder

1 ½ Cup instant coffee + 2 tbs Amaretto liqueur ( for dipping the cookies)


You will need a 9”x13” Baking pan



Step 1

Beat the egg yolks and sugar on high speed until it’s fluffy and pale color 3-4 minutes

Add mascarpone and beat on low speed to combine into smooth mixture

In another bowl beat cold heavy whipping cream until it forms stiff peak

Gently fold together the whip. cream and egg/cheese mixture ,use spatula and try not to deflate the mixture,add in a few additions not at once

Step 2

Dip the cookies in coffee/liqueur mixture (do it quickly, don’t immerse for too long to avoid soggy cake) and lay on the pan

Step 3

Pour a generous amount of prepared cream on your cookies ,spread out evenly and dust with cocoa powder

Continue doing the same process with second layer

Dust the cake with cocoa powder and place in a fridge at least 8-10 hours,before serving




*You can substitute the heavy whipping cream with the remaining 6 egg whites, by beating those into a stiff meringue

*I used cocoa mascarpone that’s why the cake color is different from classic Tiramisu color, if you like this color better,just add 1 ½ tbs cocoa powder to your egg/cheese mixture

*For smaller portion just split the recipe ingredients in half (cake photos are for the half portion in a smaller pan)