Kofte Yogurt Soup Recipe

Kofte Yogurt Soup Recipe

Kofte Yogurt Soup

Incredibly delicious kofte yogurt soup recipe, highly suggested for this cold winter season. Perfect comfort food and not too difficult to make, especially if you’ve made kofte earlier and need to make something filling and easy to digest. Watch my YouTube tutorial how to make these kofte before you start prepping to cook the soup itself.

For even faster cooking results, be sure to steam the kofte.

This is kofte yogurt soup is usually served hot with sumac or freshly squeezed lemon juice.

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Happy cooking!

Kofte Yogurt Soup Recipe

Ingredients for yogurt soup 


1 ⅔ cups of plain yogurt (I use full fat)

½  cup sour cream

1 tbs all purpose flour

¼ cup of rice, washed

5-6 cups of boiling water

20 grams of unsalted butter

2 tbs toasted, crushed walnuts

1 ½ tbs dry mint

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced

Salt and sumac to taste


Kofte Yogurt Soup Recipe

Wash and drain the rice, set aside

In a large pot combine: yogurt, sour cream, flour and whisk until smooth, without any lumps

Add the rice, mix and slowly start pouring the hot water, stir while adding the water

Start cooking on high heat, while stirring constantly

As it boils, reduce the heat add the meatballs 7-9 should be good for this recipe

Allow to simmer 5-7 minutes, for faster cooking slightly steam the meatballs before dropping into soup

While the soup is simmering, melt the butter, add crushed nuts, dry mint, garlic and set aside

Pour the browned butter and nuts mixture in the soup

Stir and cook 1-2 minutes , turn off the heat

Add salt and enjoy with sumac or freshly squeezed lemon juice

Ingredients For kofte filling 

Kofte Yogurt Soup Recipe

2 lbs ( about 900 grams) ground meat ( I use turkey and beef mix)

1 medium onion, finely chopped or minced

3 tbs vegetable oil, I used canola oil, use anything you like

Spices – seasonings :

1 tsp ground black pepper

½ tsp cayenne

½ cumin powder

½ curry powder,1 tsp garlic powder ( or you can fry 1 minced garlic clove with onions)

1 tsp coriander

1 tsp paprika

Dried greens,such as basil,dill, parsley or cilantro ,anything you have on hand

(Feel free to improvise with spices, use any of your favorites )

Salt to taste

¼ cup toasted pine nuts ( optional)

For kofte (meatball) shell 

1 ¾ lbs ( about 800 grams) finely grind beef tenderloin ( I buy ready made, check directions below the recipe on how to make it from scratch )

1⅓ cups finely grind bulgur ( #1 grind),1 cup of hot water,1 tbs tomato paste,1 tbs red pepper paste

1 tsp salt

½ tsp cumin powder

½ tsp curry powder

You will also need a cup of cold water and a medium size ice cream scoop

Kofte Yogurt Soup Recipe


Making the meatball shell

Pour the hot water over the bulgur and set aside to soften 10-15 minutes ( I usually start making the filling as bulgur is getting ready)

Add the remaining of ingredients for the shell to the meat, mix and add ready bulgur

Mix with hand to incorporate

Making the filling ( stuffing )

In a large frypan sauté the onion with oil until light golden color

Add ground meat, cook until slightly browns

Add all the spices and seasonings

Cook 2-3 minutes

Allow to cool down slightly and start stuffing the meatballs

Stuffing the meatballs / Kofte

Kofte Yogurt Soup Recipe

Using the scoop take a portion of the shell, roll into a ball

Wet your fingers while shaping

With your thumb make a hole in the ball

Using your thumb, index and middle fingers try to make a small cup out of that shell meat

Press and turn to make the sides of that cup evenly thin

Using a teaspoon place some of the fridge filling inside ,don’t overload

Bring the sides together, seal and smooth with wet fingers, refer to YouTube video for tutorial

Cook the ready kibbeh in salted boiling hot water ( I also spice it with bay leaves and dry chili)

It cooks very quickly 5-7 minutes

Serve with fresh lemon slices and Enjoy your Kofte Yogurt Soup


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