Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe – Zephyr

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe

One of my all time favorite sweets Marshmallow Meringue (Russian zephyr) : light and soft inside and slightly dry and crispy outside. Something that would remind for meringue and marshmallows at the same time. Except Marshmallow Meringue is also flavored with fruit or berries and tastes so much better than any of the above mentioned . The making of zephyr is quite simple and quick, however it does need a good amount of time to set and get firm, in order to reach to the right taste and consistency .
I’ll try to write down detailed instructions and hope you’ll give this yumminess a try.

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr


Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr
2 large eggs , whites only, at room temperature
½ tsp vanilla extract
For sugar syrup
8 grams ( 2 ½ tsp) agar -agar
¾ cup water
2 cups granulated white sugar
To make the raspberry purée
170 grams( 6 oz / 1 pack) raspberries
½ cup sugar
¼ cup water
1 tbs lemon juice

If making with Jello powder instead of fresh raspberry purée
Mix 6 tbs Jello powder with ¼ cup boiling hot water + 1 tbs lemon juice and set aside

If flavoring with apple sauce ,simply use ⅔ cup of ready applesauce ( any kind )+ 1 tbs lemon juice

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr

You will also need :
*Very large tray or 2 half sheet baking pans lined with plastic wrap
*½ cup of confectioners sugar for dusting the zephyr
*Large pastry bag (24”)
*Star tip ( Wilton 1M)

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr


Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr
Place agar in ¾ water to soften, about 20 minutes (if using agar powder ,skip this step)
Start by making the purée
In a saucepan combine raspberries,sugar ,water and lemon juice
Bring to a boil and allow to simmer on medium heat for 7-10 minutes
Pulse the mixture in processor or blender for a few seconds to combine
Strain to remove the seeds and make it into a smooth purée, set aside
Place agar on a medium heat and cook until it boils, stir constantly

Start adding sugar

half a cup at a time and again stir constantly
As you add the last half a cup of sugar, start beating the egg whites and vanilla on high speed
Cook syrup another 3-5 minutes, it should thicken slightly Egg whites should form stiff prick by the time agar-sugar syrup is ready
Add the purée and hot syrup to the whites ( if using Jello or applesauce ,add those instead of purée).Beat the mixture for 5-7 minutes or until it’s very thick ( stiff prick formed)
Prepare the baking pans by lining with plastic wrap
Place the mixture into large pastry bag with star tip and squeeze onto desired size and shape
Dust with powdered sugar
Allow to set for 5-8 hours
Enjoy Your Marshmallow Meringue!
Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr


  • 3 ձվի սպիտակուց + 0.5 բ շաքարավազ+ վանիլին
  • 1.5 բ շաքարավազ+ 2 թ գ ագար- ագար+ 0.5 բ սառը  ջուր
  • 85 գ ժելատինի փոշի (ցանկացած համի) +¼ բ ջուր
  • Շաքարի փոշի

Marshmallow Meringue Recipe - Zephyr


  1. Hi Heghineh, great recipe but I wonder if you ever tried to make it with fresh apples will it work? And I checked our local apple sauces they all have acid and sugar is it ok?

    • Hi Anna,
      Yes, I did try with my homemade applensauce , made with Granny Smith kind of apples.
      And any store bought apple sauce will work just fine

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