Mexican Ceviche Recipe

Mexican Ceviche Recipe by Heghineh

Mexican Ceviche Recipe

My version of Mexican ceviche recipe, that I improvised quickly and it turned out very tasty. Couldn’t wait to share. Due to our remodeling, we’ve been eating in different restaurants for quite a while now. No choice !

I personally don’t enjoy eating out, but there’s a positive side to it, especially when the food I order doesn’t taste as expected. Strangely, I get inspired and come up with new ideas for different dishes and appetizers, that I’ve never tried or thought of trying.

Mexican Ceviche Recipe
This Mexican ceviche recipe can be very versatile and made with any of your favorite raw seafood , I made mine with cooked shrimp as I can’t eat raw fish.

When you have a craving for tangy, fresh and cold deliciousness, try this appetizer and share your feedback. I always look forward to it !

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Thank you all !

Mexican Ceviche Recipe


Recipe with serve 4-6 people

1 lbs fresh raw shrimp, cleaned rinsed (you can mix in small chunks of fresh tilapia or scallops)

2 large avocados, sliced into cubes

Freshly squeezed juice of 3-4 limes and 2 lemons

1 mango, sliced into small cubes

⅔ cup melon, finely clubbed

2-3 medium cucumbers, skin on, sliced into small cubes

10-15 cherry tomatoes, sliced into two or four pieces

4-5 scallions, finely chopped

2 tbs basil or cilantro, chopped

Arugula leaves, optional

Salt and pepper to taste , I used freshly grinded colored peppercorns and garlic seasoned sea salt

Mexican Ceviche Recipe


Start by soaking the seafood with freshly squeezed citrus juices, set aside

While that’s setting , you can slice and chop the rest of ingredients

Add to soaked seafood , except for arugula, toss and set in the fridge for 3-4 hours

Bone Apetite!

Բարի Ախորժակ!

Mexican Ceviche Recipe

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