Pickled Veggies Recipe

Pickled Veggies – Armenian Cuisine

Pickled Veggies Recipe I’m not sure how to write a recipe for pickled veggies, I mean who will ever use a specific recipe for something like this. The only important thing to know is the proportion: water+salt, a few details about spices to be used and you’re good to go:) I’ll try to give detailed […]

How to make Halva Bites

Halva Bites – Armenian Sweets

Halva Bites Halva bites: delightful sweet snack from Armenian cuisine. Old days halva bites used to be made on special occasions: New Years ,weddings … Even though I don’t remember any of my grandmothers making it. I came across this recipe in an Armenian food group on Facebook , and since I’ve had quite a […]

Bulgur Salad - Itch Salad

Bulgur Salad – Itch Salad

Bulgur Salad Recipe Healthy, easy and quick to make bulgur salad from Armenian cuisine. One of my and my children’s favorites. I’d say it’s more of a winter time salad, but when you crave a comfort food, this salad can be perfect just anytime of the year. My version for this bulgur salad is slightly […]

Napoleon pastry recipe

Napoleon Pastry Recipe – Mille Feuille

Napoleon Pastry Recipe   Happy to share another great recipe of the Napoleon Pastry / Mille Feuille . This may be the lightest and more “pretty” looking version of that famous French pastry, even though I still have a few more recipes for this classic pastry Napoleon. Methods are pretty simple and it should turn […]

Urfa Kebab Recipe

Urfa Kebab Recipe

 Urfa Kebab Recipe Delicious and flavorful, classic Armenian dish called Urfa kebab, the right word in Armenian will be kololak. Quite simple in making ,Urfa kebab is a filling ,satisfying gourmet dish that to my opinion needs more recognition. Hope you guys will try this dish and like it as much as we do. I […]

Armenian shortbread cookies

Armenian Shortbread Cookies – Shaqar lokhum

Shortbread Cookies My version for the Armenian shortbread cookies called Shaqar Lokhum/ Շաքար Լոխում. These shortbread cookies are very tender,crumbly, buttery, simply irresistible .The most perfect company for tea or coffee. Hope you’ll give this recipe a try and let me know how you like it. Happy baking!       Ingredients 150 grams (1 […]

Nutella Meringue Cookies Recipe

Nutella Meringue Cookies First post of 2016 had to be something sweet , and these Nutella meringue cookies turned out to be the one. Plus what’s sweeter than meringues? I wrote the recipe on a quick hand as making meringues is one of my favorite things,and I perfected my skills by making them quite often, […]