Harissa Recipe - Հարիսա - Armenian Cuisine

Harissa Recipe – Հարիսա – Armenian Cuisine

Harissa Recipe Very special, powerful and historical Armenian dish called Harissa. In Armenia nowadays Harissa is made once a year to commemorate the resistance of Musa Ler mountain during Armenian genocide in 1915. Hundreds of people will gather in Armenian region Armavir, every third Sunday of September , they’d sing patriotic songs ,dance to celebrate […]

Shrimp Dumplings Recipe - Shrimp Manti

Shrimp Dumplings Recipe – Shrimp Manti

Shrimp Dumplings Recipe This quickly made up shrimp dumplings quickly became my personal favorite dish among my other culinary improvises. I’d assume originally shrimp dumplings, as a dish, are from oriental cuisine, definitely not from my traditional Armenian, but I thought it’d be interesting if I add my own touch to the dish and I […]

Meat Dumplings - Khinkhali Хинкали

Meat Dumplings Recipe – Khinkali Хинкали

Meat Dumplings Recipe Delicious meat dumplings from Georgian cuisine called: Khinkali.These meat dumplings / Khinkali , may be one of the most popular non Armenian dish among my people. What can I say: Armenians love Khinkali as if it’s their own traditional meal. Growing up in Armenia ,I remember there was a restaurant called “Khinkalianoc” […]

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe -Summertime Tolma Dolma Recipe

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls – Armenian Tolma

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Recipe These delicious stuffed cabbage rolls, or as we call the dish in Armenian : tolma, is one of my favorite traditional dishes. And I do like this one the most, just because it’s much more flavorful from all the other veggies that are included in the dish. Yes, this dish is […]

How to cook and prep cabbage leaves

Cabbage Leaves – How to Cook and Prep

Cabbage Leaves Recipe Prepping and cooking cabbage leaves is an important step, when making those delicious cabbage rolls, or as we call it in Armenian : cabbage tolma. For many who never made anything with cabbage leaves it can be quite a challenge to cook and prep those leaves. That’s why I decided to make […]

Walnut Cookies Recipe

Walnut Cookies Recipe – Homemade Cookies

Walnut Cookies Recipe From my “Cookies from our childhood” series : walnut cookies recipe to your consideration. It’s true that,  when thinking about nostalgic food , childhood sweets are the ones we remember and cherish the most. These walnut cookies are one of those and for some reason, they were also the ones I’d never […]

Pickled Pigs Feet Recipe

Pickled Pigs Feet Recipe

Pickled Pigs Feet Recipe Not all foods look very appetizing or attractive, some even have a name that may sound weird, such as : pickled pigs feet… Yes, it’s something they’d eat and want more or get very addicted to. Well , Ok those feet may not be very addictive, but trust me those pickled pigs […]

Armenian Chocolate Letters - Easy Cake Decorating Idea

Armenian Chocolate Letters

Armenian Chocolate Letters Used these chocolate letters to decorate my recently uploaded Armenian cake Mesrop Mashtots YouTube Video. Nothing difficult, but thought I’d put down a few quick instructions, in case someone decides to use the same chocolate letters for their cake. Since I didn’t temper the chocolate, overall process was very quick and easy, […]