Heghineh Cooking Channel

Heghineh Cooking Channel

Heghineh Cooking Channel Hi Everyone! Just wanted you quickly introduce myself and my cooking channel. My name is Heghine, Armenian, mom to five crazy – noisy kids, who take part in my shows once in awhile. My simple passion for cooking and baking brought me here and I’m so happy to share my experience and […]

Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Red Pepper Hummus Recipe by Heghineh

Red Pepper Hummus Recipe I don’t think this appetizer needs an introduction: roasted red pepper hummus recipe. It’s healthy, flavorful, easy to make and super delicious! Taste great with fresh veggies, chips and grilled meats, and the best part, it takes only a few minutes to prepare. You can definitely leave out the red peppers […]

Ferrero Rocher Crumb Cake

Ferrero Rocher Crumb Cake Recipe

Ferrero Rocher Crumb Cake I’ve been wanting to make a recipe for Ferrero Rocher crumb cake for a while and luckily I came up with a pretty simple, well maybe not that simple, but quite an original version of chocolate hazelnut crumb cake. Several things can be added to this recipe, such as placing the […]

Homemade Soft Pretzels Recipe by Heghineh

Homemade Soft Pretzels Recipe by Heghineh

Homemade Soft Pretzels I’ve been baking these homemade soft pretzels for a few years now , as this is my children’s favorite snack. They call these soft pretzels (mall pretzels) , even though ours taste so much better than the ones we used to buy from store. And,yes, used to, they no longer ask me […]

Dried Watermelon Snack Recipe

Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe

Dried Watermelon Recipe Back in Armenia, where I was born and raised, making dry fruits in summertime was quite common. Dried fruit snacks were the most delicious food in wintertime, when many of the fresh fruits were no longer in season. I can’t say that dried watermelon was very popular, but it surely was one […]

Homemade Focaccia Bread Recipe - Ֆոկաչա

Homemade Focaccia Bread Recipe – Ֆոկաչա

Focaccia Bread Recipe As much as I like creating and testing recipes for different desserts and dishes, bread recipe experiments are by far my favorites. Decided to spice up the focaccia bread  by adding a few extras. Plus this time I made the dough even easier to work with and thanks to cold fermentation the shaping […]

Pomegranate Tart with Nutella Mousse

Pomegranate Tart with Nutella Mousse

Pomegranate Tart Truly delicious and quite original dessert: pomegranate tart with Nutella mousse and chocolate ganache . The taste of chocolate with a burst of tangy pomegranate blends together so perfectly. I ended up testing the recipe only once, it turned out just right from the first time, so decided not to change anything. Hope […]

How to Make Chi Kofte - Easy Recipe

How to Make Chi Kofte – Easy Recipe

Chi Kofte Recipe Have You ever tried Chi Kofte? Really delicious and well known appetizer that’s served almost in every Armenian restaurant.Chi kofte on our menu.It’s made of only a few ingredients: fresh raw beef , that’s been grinded several times ,to reach smooth and silky texture ,#1 bulgur and some spices.It’s very important for the meat to […]