Armenian shortbread cookies

Armenian Shortbread Cookies – Shaqar lokhum

Shortbread Cookies My version for the Armenian shortbread cookies called Shaqar Lokhum/ Շաքար Լոխում. These shortbread cookies are very tender,crumbly, buttery, simply irresistible .The most perfect company for tea or coffee. Hope you’ll give this recipe a try and let me know how you like it. Happy baking!       Ingredients 150 grams (1 […]

Nutella Meringue Cookies Recipe

Nutella Meringue Cookies First post of 2016 had to be something sweet , and these Nutella meringue cookies turned out to be the one. Plus what’s sweeter than meringues? I wrote the recipe on a quick hand as making meringues is one of my favorite things,and I perfected my skills by making them quite often, […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year – 2016

I wish everyone a Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year! Also, I would like to thank all my subscribers and viewers for their time, for kind comments and good wishes.I very much appreciate it! Happy New Year !!!

Armenian Sharots - Շարոց

Armenian Sharots – Շարոց

Sharots Recipe It’s almost impossible to imagine an Armenian New Year’s table without dried fruits or special seasonal sweets. This traditional Armenian sweets Sharots is one of those dried snacks served on festive days. Ingredients needed are quite simple as well as the making of it. Hope you guys give it a try and enjoy […]