How to Make Chi Kofte - Easy Recipe

How to Make Chi Kofte – Easy Recipe

Chi Kofte Recipe Have You ever tried Chi Kofte? Really delicious and well known appetizer that’s served almost in every Armenian restaurant.Chi kofte on our menu.It’s made of only a few ingredients: fresh raw beef , that’s been grinded several times ,to reach smooth and silky texture ,#1 bulgur and some spices.It’s very important for the meat to […]

No Bake Pomegranate Cheesecake Recipe

No Bake Pomegranate Cheesecake Recipe

Pomegranate Cheesecake My favorite Pomegranate Cheesecake:When my favorite pomegranates are in season, many delicious things can happen in the kitchen. Love using them in my salads, tarts, sauces …This decadent dessert may be one of the best ways to use those beautiful bright colored juicy seeds. The taste of sweet and sour pomegranates blends with […]

Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe by Heghineh

Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe by Heghineh

Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe Lasagna roll ups is one of, not too many dinner dishes, that my entire family likes to eat, except some like it to be a little specific, plus I have a vegetarian for whom I have to make it separately , that’s why instead of classic version, I like making this […]

Arugula Pesto Recipe

Arugula Pesto Recipe – Arugula Salad Ideas

Arugula Pesto Recipe One of my Favorites Arugula Pesto:Really simple, flavorful  and so delicious arugula pesto pasta dish topped with arugula and mint pesto, served with avocado and pomegranates. I make this delicious dressing quite often and have it in my fridge for any last minute meals, which is normally pasta, baked fish or chicken. […]

Armenian Gata with Walnuts - Մածունով Գաթա

Armenian Gata with Walnuts – Մածունով Գաթա

Armenian Gata with Walnuts Armenian Gata again, this time from scratch and with different filling.Of course the same recipe can be used to make Gata with traditional butter-sugar-flour filling, but you can always add extra spices or nuts to give it slightly different  flavor. In fact in Armenia ,different regions make different kinds of Gata […]

Lavash Bread Recipe Լավաշ Лаваш

Lavash Bread Recipe Լավաշ Лаваш

Lavash I think there’s no need for a long introduction for Armenian flatbread Lavash. It is very well known, as nowadays many bakeries bake Lavash and most American supermarkets carry that delicious flatbread. Traditional Armenian Cuisine lavash is baked in tandoor (tonir /թոնիր), and that’s why it has a unique taste and texture: bubbly , soft […]

Sour Gummy Warms

Sour Gummy Worms Recipe

Sour Gummy Worms Candy time again,similar to sour gummies I made a while ago, these will be the: sour gummy worms kind of candy. Super easy to make and only a few ingredients needed .I made these sour gummy worms quite a few times and all my kids loved them. I’m still testing a few […]

Medovik – Caramel Glazed Honey Cake

Medovik Any cake or sweets made with honey is my absolute favorite.I may have 6-7 different honey / Medovik cake recipes. All of them different , decadent and very delicious . I came up with this recipe when decided to combine caramel and honey tastes together. Tested recipe twice and loved the result , therefore decided […]