Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Okra Recipe – Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Okra Recipe

You guys asked for pickled okra recipe, here you go. An easy and absolutely delicious appetizer or side dish for rice pilaf, fried noodles or potatoes, or simply on its own.

In fact, I made a big jar a week ago and finished it in 2 days, ate it all by myself, without any meal, just as a snack. That’s how good it was. What I’m trying to say is, when you decide to make pickled okra, make a good amount, it goes very quickly. And plus, if you are canning, just like I show in my YouTube tutorial, you can simply store your jars in pantry for many month and enjoy anytime you want.

The preparation and methods of making pickled okra, are pretty simple and the only thing you need to know, recipe wise, is the proportions for water,salt, sugar and vinegar. Going from there, you’ll make as much as you need, therefore I will not include an amount for okra, but will try to give you clear and detailed instructions.

Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables

Will also suggest to check out the tutorial on YouTube, it’ll be very helpful.

Would love to hear your feedback after you try this pickled okra recipe. You can always massage me through my Facebook and instagram pages.

Good luck!

Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables

*Important Proportions:

1 cup water you need to add 1 ½ tsp salt, 2 tsp vinegar, ½ tsp sugar, I will suggest to taste the brine and add more salt if you like

Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables


Fresh okra, wash and cut the tips off the stems

Note* to remove the sliminess from veggies, simply place it in salted water for 15 minutes, wash and it will be ready for pickling

You will also need:


Ground black pepper seeds


Celery , I use only leaves

Ground coriander

Salt, I recommend using sea salt or kosher salt


Fresh green chili, I also used dried red chili

Fresh grape wine, optional, it’ll insure the crispness of veggies after pickling

Apple cider vinegar

Fresh parsley and dill (optional) , I didn’t use it

Filtered water, hot or very warm

Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables

If you are planning on canning, then you will need sterilized glass jars and lids

A pot with  hot water for boiling the jars

Special canning tool : jar holder

Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables


Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables

In a clean, sterilized jar combine: garlic, chili peppers, herbs, celery,grape leaf , black pepper, coriander seeds

Neatly stuff the jar with okra, refer to YouTube tutorial for more details

Make the brine, follow the proportions I listed on top

Note* Pour the hot brine into glass jar very slowly to avoid cracking

Fill the jar till the top

Lightly cover with lid and place in a pot full of hot water and allow to boil

Boil 15-25 minutes or until okra turns from bright green into pale and looks cooked , do not overcook

Carefully remove from boiling pot, tighten the lid and place it upside down for 8-12 hours

Store in pantry for long months


Pickled Okra Recipe - Pickled Vegetables