Pickled Veggies Recipe

Pickled Veggies – Armenian Cuisine

Pickled Veggies Recipe

I’m not sure how to write a recipe for pickled veggies, I mean who will ever use a specific recipe for something like this. The only important thing to know is the proportion: water+salt, a few details about spices to be used and you’re good to go:)

I’ll try to give detailed info , and I would suggest to watch YouTube video for more details.

Pickled Veggies Recipe


Important things to know :

*Use filtered water

*Use kosher, sea salt or pickling salt, not iodized table salt

*Water+Salt proportion should be:

1 cup of water  + ¾ tbs salt / 250ml water + 9 grams of salt ( it’s a little bit less than a full tablespoon), to 8 cups of water add ⅓ cup salt

Fresh veggies

White Cabbage

Carrots, mini or large

Cucumbers ( preferably firm Kirby kind, they pickle better than other kinds, those soften when pickled)



Green tomatoes ( or slightly ripe tomatoes, don’t use fully riped )

Green or yellow chili peppers, hot or mild to your taste  

Garlic cloves

Green beans ( these will be the only veggies you’ll have to cook , about 5 minutes)

Small round onions can be used as well ( I don’t always use those, not a big fan of onion:)

If you want to have pink colored pickled veggie, use 2-3 medium sized beetroot

Pickled Veggies Recipe



Ground black pepper

Dill seeds

Whole coriander / cilantro seeds ( optional)

Dried red chili (optional)




Pickled Veggies Recipe



In a large pot arrange veggies and spices in following order:

Cabbage ( sliced into 4 -6 large pieces, don’t chop into smaller chunks)

Cauliflower florets


Celery ,chopped into 2”-3” pieces

Chopped beetroot

Pickled Veggies Recipe


Add about 1 tsp ground pepper, 1 tsp dill seeds, 5-7 bay leaves , 4-6 garlic cloves, sliced

Arrange next layer of veggies: tomatoes, half cooked green beans, cucumbers, beetroot

Add more garlic, repeat the same amount of spices

Parsley and dill will top the veggies, no need to chop those

Prepare the brine by simply mixing the water and salt, make as much as you need

Pour over the arranged veggies to cover those fully

Place a large plate on top and something heavy on the plate so it doesn’t float

Cover with lid and let it sit at room temperature for 7-9 days

Check the readiness on day 7. If you like how it tastes, transfer the pickled veggies into glass jars or containers and place in the refrigerator



Pickled Veggies Recipe


  1. Barev, is it possible to can it in a jar. Or is that a different recipe then. Because I always try to can tomaoes and other vegetables but it is not the same as how my mother -in-law makes it.

    Thank you for all your recipes

    • Hi Natacha,
      Yes , you can make ttu in jars, but if you want to can these and save for many months without placing in fridge, you’ll need to boil the canned jars for 10-15 minutes.
      Ill do a few tutorials on how to can the veggies, not sure when though:)
      Thank you for following !

  2. Hi Heghineh,

    After you take ready pickled veggies and put in the jars, do you also add the salty water into the jar and put to refrigerator?

  3. Barev Heghine,
    Thanks for this recipe. I made these yesterday in individual jars (not canned / sterilized) because I didn’t have a big container like yours. Some questions for you…So I should store it at room temperature and check for rediness in 7 days? And if they taste ready in 7 days, do I place them all in the refrigerator? How long would they last in the refrigerator since they were not canned (sterilized and boiled) properly.
    Thank you!

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