How to Make Pickled Watermelon

How to Make Pickled Watermelon

Pickled Watermelon

My absolute favorite pickled watermelon , as weird as it sounds, it’s a fact that this pickled fruit is an original appetizer for gourmands. Those who never tried it would be pleasantly surprised how good it tastes.

In Armenia , as fast as I can recall, this pickled watermelon was made in late spring , while the fruit wasn’t fully ripe . That way it was more crispy and had less sweetness. But even in Armenia you can’t always find watermelons that are half grown. So many will make their pickled watermelon, appetizer, with any kind.

I’ll give you quick instructions and list of ingredients, this is something you’d make as much as you like, no need to follow the exact recipe, all you need to know is the right proportions for water, salt and sugar. I’ll put down the measurements for 1 cup, you’ll make as much as you’ll need. After watching the YouTube tutorial video, you’ll see all the details and hope I was able to explain everything clearly.

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Hope you guys give it a try and enjoy it.

How to Make Pickled Watermelon


(general list, you’d make as much as you need, spice to your taste)

Important proportions for water, salt, sugar,vinegar :

How to Make Pickled Watermelon

To 1 cup water add 1 ½ tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, ½ tsp vinegar

Watermelon, washed , cut into small triangles

Fresh dill


Dried red chili , or any hot pepper, even fresh (optional, leave it out if you don’t like spicy food)

Bay leaves

How to Make Pickled Watermelon

Black pepper seeds

Whole cloves

Filtered water

Salt (I used canning pickling salt, but kosher will work as well, *don’t use table salt)



How to Make Pickled Watermelon


How to Make Pickled Watermelon

In a glass jar or container arrange all your ingredients, refer to YouTube tutorial for more details

Pour the prepared brine to cover (to make the brine, simply combine all ingredients , double or triple the proportions ,according to the amount of your fruit)

Cover the jar with lid

Place at room temperature and leave for 6-7 days

Taste and if you like how sour it is ,transfer to fridge , or if you like it more sour ,let it stay a few more days

It’s a great side appetizer to serve with alcohol 🙂


How to Make Pickled Watermelon



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