Preserved Meat - Tehaal Տհալ - Armenian cuisine

Preserved Meat – Tehaal Տհալ – Armenian cuisine

Preserved Meat Recipe

Tehaal: preserved meat, a unique, yet simple appetizer from Armenian cuisine. As always the simplicity of our cuisine comes to prove, that the best tasting food can be the least complicated and with minimum spices or seasoning.

Back in old days, Tehaal was made with lamb meat, fried in lamb fats and stored in the skin of the animal. It would last throughout many months , as it was salted properly and wintertime is usually pretty cold in our homeland. And of course the main purpose of this preserved meat , was to keep one full for long hours, as it is a very filling meal.

Nowadays, Tehaal is made with beef and clarified butter. This delicious appetizer is good on its own, or served as a side for potatoes, rice, wheat or other grains. There are several, traditional Armenian recipes with Tehaal, that I’m planning to share.

Preserved Meat - Tehaal Տհալ - Armenian cuisine

For now let’s try making this incredibly delicious meal and get ready for more.

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Happy cooking !

Preserved Meat - Tehaal Տհալ - Armenian cuisine

Ingredients and Quick Instructions 

Preserved Meat - Tehaal Տհալ - Armenian cuisine

Try to buy fresh meat, not frozen

I used fresh beef top round

You will also need clarified butter, I have a YouTube tutorial for it

Cold water


Bay leaves (optional)

Cut the meat into large 3”-4”  pieces

Place in a large pot

Preserved Meat - Tehaal Տհալ - Armenian cuisine

Rinse well, add cold water and cook as long as it needs to get tender

Add the salt after you remove all the meat foam while boiling , it should come out at the beginning of boiling time

Be sure to use enough salt , the meats has to be a bit salty

Preserved Meat - Tehaal Տհալ - Armenian cuisine

Fry the cooked , dried meat in clarified butter until golden brown color

Arrange fried meats in a pot, glass or plastic container

Pour melted clarified butter over the meat, just enough to cover

Allow to cool down to room temperature and store in cold place, or fridge

Tehaal can be served warm or cold

Bon appetite!

Բարի Ախորժակ!

Preserved Meat - Tehaal Տհալ - Armenian cuisine



  1. Hi Heghine Jan I like thre way you Cooke , try your receipts and everything comes out so good but I was wander how to make rose syrup if you can please post it thank you so much

  2. I enjoyed watching your show. The recipes look delicious. Im going to make a few of them. Just one thing, the children are very distracting and it makes it hard to follow your instructions. It would be easier for you and for those trying to follow you if the children were kept busy by someone while you make your wonderful recipes. Thank you

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