Pumpkin Preserves - Դդումի Մուրաբա

Pumpkin Preserves – Դդումի Մուրաբա

Pumpkin Preserves

Have to admit, I’m not a big fan of pumpkin being used in meals or desserts, I’d use them as decor during the Fall season or just to carve for Halloween, but this one sweet treat is probably one of my favorites among many preserves : pumpkin preserves : crispy, crunchy outside,soft and tender inside.It is quite time consuming to make, but trust me ,after you try a single piece ,you’ll understand it was all worth it!

Pumpkin Preserves - Դդումի Մուրաբա


Pumpkin Preserves
1 1/2 -2 lbs (850 grams) cleaned, cubed pumpkin
8 cups of water (for syrup)
6 1/2 cups of sugar
1-2 tsp cloves
1/2 stick of cinnamon
The zest of 3 oranges, peeled as ribbons (I’d recommend to add the juice to the syrup ,optional )
You will also need 1/3 cup of pickling lime and 8 cups of water

Pumpkin Preserves - Դդումի Մուրաբա


Pumpkin Preserves - Դդումի Մուրաբա
Wash and clean the pumpkin,peel the skin and and cut a sliver of the inside part
Cut into 1″ wide strips,then slice into 1″x 2″ or smaller pieces
In a large bowl mix the pickling lime and water , stir and add the cubed pumpkin
Let the pumpkins to soak in pickling water for 3 hours or more
Peel orange zest and set aside
Wash the pumpkins thoroughly under running for 2-3 minutes
Place the washed pumpkins in a bowl filled with cold water
To make the syrup

Pumpkin Preserves - Դդումի Մուրաբա
In a large saucepan mix the sugar and water
Stir and bring to a boil, allow to simmer 20-25 minutes
Meanwhile keep an eye on pumpkin water, change if the water is foggy ,repeat until it gets clear
Add the zest and pumpkin to the sugar syrup and cook 25-35 minutes,stir occasionally
Add cloves and cinnamon and cook over medium heat another 15-25 minutes, or until pumpkins are translucent ,finished product should be very crispy outside ,soft inside
Store the preserve in safely sealed glass jars or refrigerate in glass containers
Tip* discard the cooked cloves and cinnamon , add a few fresh ones to the glass jar before pouring the preserve
Pumpkin Preserves - Դդումի Մուրաբա


1կգ դդում

10 բ ջուր ( 1 բաժակի չափը 250մլ)

8.5 բ շաքարավազ

1 նարնջի կեղևը

1 կիտրոնի հյութը





0.5 բ կիր (pickling lime)

8 բ ջուր


  1. Hello Heghineh! 🙂

    I tried you pumpkin preserves recipe and my pumpkins turned out yellow instead of that really nice orange. I followed the same exact measurements. Would you happen to know why? Has that ever happened to you? I was wondering if it could be from the pumpkin but I bought the same exact one you had in the video.

    Any help and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    • Hello Ramella,
      If you cook a bit longer they’ll turn darker. The longer they cook. The darker they get, did they cook through?
      You can always turn it back to cook a little more,
      Let me know if any questions:)

  2. Hi Heghineh jan, where dis u get the pickling lime i cant find it and i like to make this today

    Thank you

  3. Hi Heghine jan
    First of all thank you very much for great recipes. I enjoy watching your videos and making Armenian dishes. So keep them coming please.
    My mom was making pumpkin muraba a lot when I was in Armenia but never with orange zest, need to try your version for sure.
    I would like to know where did you buy your gata knife?
    Thank you again.

    • Hi Anna jan,
      Yes, the zest adds a really nice falvor to and goes with pumpkin taste so perfect,try it for sure.
      I brought one of my Gata knives from Armenia 18 years ago, and bought another one here, again very long time ago, as far as I remember from an Armenian food store, where they also sell some kitchen gadgets, coffee cups, etc…,can’t remember the name though, but I’m sure you’ll be able to get it from Amazon or ebay ,I’ll look up and see if I can send a link
      Thank you for writing and have a great day!

      • Thank you for your reply. I would like to ask if in the future you will be able to show how to make popoki muraba. That is my all time favorite but not sure how to make it here in USA. Thank you again for all yummy recipes.

        • I don’t think it’s possible to make that muraba here, as they don’t sell young walnuts in any food market, and the ones we get from stores is imported from Armenia 🙂

  4. Hi Heghine jan,

    I don’t see lemon or lemon juice anywhere in the pumpkin muraba recipe. Don’t you add any lemon in muraba or in syrup?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Dear Heghine,
    You don’t know how many times i tried this recipe and yours was the one that tests like my grandma use to make.
    I love this pumpkin preserve and i made it last night. Turned very good, but i had to cook more then 25min. like 2 hours and the color was very light. yours in the picture looks darker.
    But i have to tell you love your cooking and your kids are adorable.

    • Thank you Vergine jan,
      Yes, the overall cooking time is about an hour or more depending on heat.
      Approx. 25 minutes will take for the syrup to simmer, then another 25-35 minutes for pumpkins to cook without the cloves, plus 25-35 minutes cooking time with cloves and orange zest , you are right it may take a bit longer sometimes 🙂
      I’m glad you liked how it tastes.
      Thank you for following and for your sweet comments!

  6. Hi Heghine jan!

    I already made the pumpkin muraba 3 times. All 3 times came out really good as far as the taste but there is not enough syrup. Tried to put them in jars and there was barely enough for 1 jar only. What could be the reason. Loved it so much that I got 4 more pumpkins. LOL

    • Hi there, Depending on how long you boil / simmer the syrup , it may reduce more or less You can just add 4-5 cups of extra water + 2 -3 cups of sugar to the recipe , that way you’ll have more syrup, Thanks for trying the recipe !

    • Barev,
      Chem karox asel urish inch, baic im hishelov Hayastanum kir ein ogtagortsum.
      Karox eq internet um gtnel ayd baxadrich@, vstah em kgtneq:)

  7. Hi Heghineh,
    By chance I came across your recipes/videos and was very excited! I watched your pumpkin preserve video several times before I decided to make it. I tried just a small amount, and it came out really good. However, I have one question… How much pickling lime do you use per liter of water? I could not find that explanation anywhere! I put 1 1/2 tablespoons for about 1 liter of water. Is that too much?

    • Hi Diana jan,
      Did you have a chance to look at the recipe ,here in the blog ?
      I did write the exact proportions for everything , it’s 1/3 cup lime salt to 8 cups of water ,
      Let me know if any questions

  8. Hi Heghineh jan,
    do you have a recipe for fig preserve? I bought figs but need a recipe to make them. I would greatly appreciate if you could share your recipe with me. I just need to know how much sugar and water to use for the syrup. Thank you dear :))

    • Hi there,
      Sorry for late reply ,
      I never made it myself, my mom and grandma did, but I’m sure you’d make it just as the apricot preserves, on low heat ,some water added to sugar, fruit & sugar proportions depends how sweet it is, I’m sure figs are very sweet so let’s say to 1 lbs figs you’d add about half lbs sugar, ( 2 lbs fruit+ 1 lbs sugar…)
      Good luck!

  9. HI Heghine,

    I am trying your pumpkin preserve recipe today. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been looking for the specifics of this recipe for many years! ☺️

  10. Also, I read through the comments and some said they couldn’t find the pickling lime. Just to let you know, Amazon carries it. That’s where I got mine. Thanks again for the great recipes!

  11. Hi Heghineh – I tried to make this twice and both times my pumpkin did not turn out crunchy. What am I doing wrong? The first time I left the pumpkin in the pickling lime for 3 hours and the second time I left it overnight. Thank you.

    • Hi there,
      I would think the pickling lime isn’t fresh or could be the type of pumpkin, did you use regular sized or one of those huge pumpkins? Large pumpkins won’t work for preserves
      Other than that, I can’t day why it turns out soft

  12. It was a regular sized pumpkin. I think I got about 6lb of pumpkin pieces when it was all cut up. Do you suggest leaving it longer than 3 hours in the pickling lime? I will try it again with a smaller pumpkin. Thank you.

  13. HI Heghineh I enjoy watching your shows, I read an older fost asking for pickling lime you can get it from amazon but you need to make sure it’s not the pickling salt. Pickling salt is to be mixed in the jar as you make the pickles but the lime is to be rinced off, those are the differences between the two.
    Love your show keep them coming

  14. I’m trying your recipe now. It’s been boiling for two hours but The syrup is still very runny. Should I keep boiling? Thanks!

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