Quick Pizza – Easy Pizza Recipe

Quick Pizza Recipe

Who doesn’t enjoy homemade pizza, especially a quick pizza, and especially when you have no time or too tired to cook. Feeding my family with good homemade food is my number one priority. I don’t enjoy fast foods, even pizzas ordered from popular pizza bakers, to me they are too greasy, undercooked or over baked… not delicious, no !

There are a few dishes that I call “my lifesaver”,  meaning it’s so easy that requires no efforts nor time to make. Just like this quick pizza with premade crust: pita bread , that I find to be the most delicious thin crust. As much as I love my pizza to be made from scratch, it’s not always that I can afford to make the dough as it happens to be a little time consuming, plus when kids are hungry, they don’t wait, well mine don’t 🙂

Quick Pizza Recipe

This quick pizza is so simple, that I don’t think a detailed recipe is needed.My Facebook and instagram followers already know about this pizza, as I’ve been posting it throughout the year.

Try it,I can guarantee you and your kids will absolutely love it!

Quick Pizza - Easy Pizza Recipe


Pita bread, any size or kind you like ( you can also use wheat bread)

You will also need: marinara sauce, shredded or sliced mozzarella and any of your favorite toppings

Quick Pizza - Easy Pizza Recipe


Quick Pizza - Easy Pizza Recipe

Preheat the oven to 480°F degrees

Spread marinara sauce on the bread, add mozzarella, your favorite toppings

Bake 8-10 minutes or until the pizza looks great!

Enjoy Your Quick Pizza!

Quick Pizza - Easy Pizza Recipe