Rapini Recipe by Heghineh

Rapini Recipe by Heghineh

Easy Rapini Recipe

Super simple, healthy and delicious rapini recipe, not even a recipe, but rather a few quick steps how to make this yummy green.

Have to admit, I discovered rapini only a few years ago. It was one of the many different greens that we didn’t grow back in Armenia, my motherland, therefore I had no idea how they cook or serve it. But me, as a huge lover of greens and veggies wasn’t shy to ask someone at a supermarket, who was purchasing rapini, to explain what green it is and how to make it.

Rapini Recipe by Heghineh

I enjoyed the taste at the first try, light bitterness, slight creaminess . Just the kind of green I love to eat even daily.

Most importantly, cooking rapini, takes only a few minutes. Taste delicious hot or cold , can be made as a last minute appetizer. I always serve it with a side tomato basil salad. Watch on my YouTube channel how to make it, it’s so simple, I won’t be writing a recipe for that.

Getting to rapini recipe, hope you try and like it.

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Happy cooking!

Rapini Recipe by Heghineh


1 bunch of fresh rapini, washed and cleaned

2-3 tbs olive oil

4-6 garlic cloves, sliced into half

Salt and black pepper to taste

Rapini Recipe by Heghineh


In a large pot or skillet combine all ingredients

Cover the lid and cook on very low heat

Occasionally open the lid and toss

As soon as the stems are tender, it’s ready

Enjoy with freshly squeezed lemon juice or plain yogurt

Bon appetite!

Բարի ախորժակ!

Rapini Recipe by Heghineh

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