Red Bean Salad Recipe - Armenian Cuisine

Red Bean Salad Recipe – Armenian Cuisine

Red Bean Salad Recipe

Simple red bean salad made with minimal ingredients, just the way I like it. In general I love dishes or salads that are made with only a few important components. To me those are simpler, richer, tastier and easier to digest.

This red bean salad was the first comfort food of Fall season.

Originally my grandmother, from mom’s side, was from a beautiful Armenian region called Syuinq, town called Kapan. That region grew the best and the most delicious beans in Armenia.

Every Fall , our relatives from Kapan would send us many goodies such as honey, walnuts, beans, my favorite sweet, white pomegranates and more. The first thing that my mom would make was the red bean salad. Those beans tasted so good, we’d eat them without any spice or special seasonings.

Red Bean Salad Recipe - Armenian Cuisine

I doubt they grow these beans here in US, as I’ve never seen nor tasted anything that good, as the ones from Kapan.

To keep it short, let’s get to the preparation of the simplest red bean salad.

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Thank you and happy cooking!

Red Bean Salad Recipe - Armenian Cuisine


1 ½ cups dry red beans

Hot water for wetting the beans

Cold water to start the cooking

More hot water to continue cooking

1 small onion, slice to semicircles

Fresh parsley and cilantro 2-3 tbs

Salt to taste

Cayenne, paprika ⅓ tsp or to taste

2-3 tbs olive oil

Red Bean Salad Recipe - Armenian Cuisine


Start by wetting the beans in hot water, 2-4 hours or overnight if you prefer

Discard the water, add cold water, just enough to cover the beans

Cook over medium to high heat and bring to a boil

Discard that water, add warm or hot water, salt and cook over medium to low heat 45-60 minutes or until cooked

Strain the water

Add onions, peppers, herbs,oil, toss and allow to set 15-20 minutes

Wrap in Armenian flatbread lavash and enjoy!

Bon appetit!

Բարի Ախորժակ!

Red Bean Salad Recipe - Armenian Cuisine


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