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Rice Pops Recipe – Krispy Treats Recipe

Rice Pops Recipe

Turned my childrens favorite rice Krispy Treats into Rice Pops , with just a few extra things added. Have to say, those rice pops turned out really cute looking and with an extra hint of cherry flavour ,they tasted even better. Of course you can make these same rice pops with your favorite colors and flavours . I made some with chocolate rice krispies and added melted chocolate to the marshmallow mixture, those tasted the best!

Rice Pops Recipe - Krispy Treats Recipe

Rice Pops Recipe - Krispy Treats Recipe

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Getting to the recipe and directions,hope you have fun making these rice pops and enjoy!

Rice Pops Recipe - Krispy Treats Recipe


50-70 grams of butter

4 cups of miniature sized marshmallows

4 ½  cups of Rice Krispies cereal

A few drops of cherry extract (or any other to your taste, or just simple vanilla extract)

Pink food coloring (or at your preference )

1-2 oz melted chocolate

You will also need wooden skewers ,oil spray and rubber gloves

Rice Pops


In a large saucepan melt butter and marshmallows until it turns into smooth mixture

Add food coloring and extract, quickly mix and add the marshmallows

Mix until combined and each rice is covered with that mixture

Transfer the saucepan in a larger pot filled with hot water ,the mixture hardens pretty quickly and it may be hard to work with it, so try to keep it warm at all times until done

Put on the rubber gloves, spray your palms with some oil for easy rolling

Rice Pops Recipe - Krispy Treats Recipe

Using a large (or the size you like) ice cream scoop ,spoon the mixture and roll into perfect round shape

Set aside to harden for  5-10 minutes

Insert the skewers into the balls

Drizzle with melted chocolate and enjoy!

Rice Pops Recipe - Krispy Treats Recipe

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