Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins

Rice with Raisins – Չամիչով փլավ

Rice with Raisins Pilaf

An absolute “must dish” for Armenian Easter table : rice with raisins / Չամիչով փլավ. Probably one of everyone’s most favorite meals on that special day. This delicious rice with raisins can be made a few different ways, depending on your taste preference. Better to use long grain rice and wet the rice in salty water for a couple of hours. I like making mine topped with a few layers of crispy flat bread lavash. Variety of dried fruits can be added , keeping the raisins as a must. Hope you try my version of this delicious rice with raisins, and enjoy it!

Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins


Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins

For the rice pilaf

3 cups of long grain rice ( I use jasmine rice) , water and salt to wet the rice (1 tsp salt to 1 cup of water equivalent )

4 cups of cold water for cooking the rice

3-4 tbs butter ( salted or unsalted)

Salt to taste

Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins

For the dried fruit topping

2 cups of raisins

¼ cup pitted dates (optional )

¼ cup dried apricots (optional)

¼ cup dried plums (optional)

2-3 tbs grapeseed oil

You will also need 2 layers of flat bread lavash and a few tablespoon of clarified butter or oil for frying

A 9”-10” springform round pan for shaping the rice after cooking (optional)

Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins

Directions Rice with Raisins Pilaf 

Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins

Wash the rice and wet for 5-7 hours in cold salty water, use as much water as you need to cover the rice

Drain the rice and place in a large pot for cooking

Add the 4 cups of cold water, salt to taste

As the water comes to a boil, add butter , stir and cover the lid

Lower the heat and allow the simmer 7-10 minutes or until all the water is simmered

Try not to open the lid while cooking

Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins

In a separate skillet, cook and fry the dried fruits and raisins on low heat, stirring constantly 3-5 minutes

As the fruits are slightly cooked, golden color, turn off the heat (place the fruits in a covered bowl to keep warm)

Cut the lavash to fit your round springform pan

Fry with clarified butter until crispy and golden color

To assemble the rice in the springform pan

Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins

Place 2 layers of fried lavash on the bottom of the pan

Mix the rice with fried raisins and fruits, gently toss together to combine,save some to top / to decorate the dish

Pour the mixed rice and raisins into the springform pan, tap and press with a spatula to stick everything together and to keep the shape

Top with the remaining two layers of fried lavash

Allow to sit 7-10 minutes, then turn onto your serving plate

Place the saved raisins / fruits on top or around the rice and serve

Happy Easter !

Armenian Easter Dish - Rice with Raisins


  1. Very good explanation. Clarified butter and lavash has been ” key point ” for me. Nice and tasty dish. Thank you! Happy Eastern!

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