Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe

Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe – Manti

Vegetarian Dumplings  

Really delicious, easy to make vegetarian dumplings. Love turning meat dishes into vegetarian and still keep the taste , not exact of course but close enough, sometimes even better.

A few months ago, I made a video on a traditional Armenian dish called Manti or otherwise known as Boraki. After that video I’ve got so many requests to make the same dish as vegetarian, therefore this recipe came to fulfil those requests.

Hope you guys give it a try and like it as much me and my vegetarian daughter did.

Happy cooking !

Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe


Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe

You will need one pack of wonton or gyoza skin ( small size)

½ cup quinoa , washed , rinsed + 1 cup of water for cooking

3 packs of white mushrooms ( about 750 grams), cleaned and sliced

1 medium onion , finely chopped

Red , green or any color bell pepper , sliced into thick 1”-2”strips

1-2 garlic cloves, or more if you like stronger taste

3-5 tbs olive oil for sautéing the onions , plus extra 1-2 tbs to drizzle the baking pan

Spices/seasonings such as: dry dill, dry basil, dry parsley a teaspoon of each

1 tsp ground black pepper, ½ tsp cayenne , ½ tsp paprika , use any other of your favorite spices

Salt to taste

3-4 tbs tomato sauce mixed with ½ cup of vegetable broth or water

½ cup plain yogurt + 1-2 tbs sour cream mixed together ( you can add some fresh minced garlic to your taste)

Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe



Directions for Vegetarian Dumplings 

Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe


Cook the quinoa , set aside

In a preheated large skillet combine olive oil and onions, sauté until light golden color

Add sliced mushrooms and cook until lightly browned and all the juice is evaporated

Add dry herbs, season with salt and peppers

Add cooked quinoa and mix altogether to combine

Preheat the oven to 475°F/220°C degree

Lightly grease the baking pan with olive oil and start assembling the dumplings

Place a teaspoonful of the mixture on wonton skin, wet the sides with water and stick the edges , leave the center open, refer to YouTube video for more details

Place a strip of bell pepper on each dumpling center , trying to cover the open part

Bake 20-25 minutes or until the wonton edges turn gold

Remove from the oven pour the tomato sauce and vegetable broth mixture over the dumplings Return to the oven and bake another 5-7 minutes

Serve with sour cream yogurt mixture or as you like

Bon appetite!


Vegetarian Dumplings Recipe


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