Walnut Cookies Recipe

Walnut Cookies Recipe – Homemade Cookies

Walnut Cookies Recipe

From my “Cookies from our childhood” series : walnut cookies recipe to your consideration. It’s true that,  when thinking about nostalgic food , childhood sweets are the ones we remember and cherish the most. These walnut cookies are one of those and for some reason, they were also the ones I’d never imagine making myself, they seemed so perfect and so hard to make. But , no , there nothing difficult, in fact these are even easier than many other kinds of homemade cookies. All you need is the walnut shaped mould, a few simple ingredients and good to go.

I think, I can even call these walnut cookies “no bake”, since we make them on the stovetop, using the mould. The filling for the cookies and be various: some like it with sweetened condensed milk, caramel condensed milk, or caramel buttercream, my personal favorite .

Let’s just get to the recipe and make the most delicious walnut cookies!

Walnut Cookies Recipe

Note* To make these cookies you will need special walnut cookie mould

Walnut Cookies Recipe

Ingredients for cookie shells

150 grams unsalted butter, melted

2 large eggs, at room temperature

2 tbs sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

2-2 ⅓ cups flour ( add as much flour as you need for soft non sticky dough)

Ingredients for buttercream filling

70 grams unsalted soft butter

1 can caramel condensed milk, dulce de leche  ( or simply cook a can of condensed milk for 3 hours, it’ll turn into caramel)

1 tsp vanilla extract

Walnut Cookies Recipe


Walnut Cookies Recipe

To make the cookies

Melt the butter and make sure it’s cool, not hot

Beat in the eggs and mix to incorporate

Add vanilla extract and all the dry ingredients: salt, baking powder and flour

Mix, the knead into soft non sticky dough

Make small balls from the dough, test one and see if it’s the right size to fit the mould properly

Refer to YouTube video for more details

Preheat the mould until it’s nice and hot

Place the balls in the moulds, cover and cook on stovetop about 2-3 minutes on each side,or until golden color, simply open and check

Allow the shells to cool down before you fill them with cream

Walnut Cookies Recipe

To make the buttercream

Beat the butter until pale

Reduce the mixer speed and add vanilla extract and caramel consented milk, a tablespoon at a time

Walnut Cookies Recipe

To assemble to cookies

Fill each cookie shell with about 1 tsp of cream and stick them together

With fingertip wipe the excess cream

Allow the cookies to set in room temp.about  1-2 hours before serving


Walnut Cookies Recipe


  1. OMG, walnut cookies are the best! Can you please let me know where can I get the mold to make walnut cookies?

  2. Dear Hehhineh,
    First of all my compliments for the amazing stuff you make!!
    I do have a question though. How should we cook that thing. Open the can and cook it or closed? And should the water boil or only on low heat?

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