1. Hi. You can call me vall. Im still new in this real cooking and baking. I already try your biscuit chocolate cake recipe. And its work. Thx for your recipe.

  2. Dear Heghineh,
    I love your videos and recipes and your style of cooking!
    I made the cheese borek (in Croatia we call it burek) several times and each time was great! It is an delicious, easy fix dish and thank you so much for showing the recipe!
    Looking forward for the upcoming videos and wishing you lots of success!
    Blessings to you and your family!!

  3. Apres Heghineh Jan .Shat lav hetakrkir banner es patrastum.Stal lav erexaner unes .Shat strov nayum em ko videonern.Astvac pahapan dzer familyin

  4. Hi Heghine jan, shnorhakalutsun manramasn batsatrutsunneri hamar, es arten 2 angam portsumem matnakash patrastel, bayts avakh chi statsvum, khmor@ chi bartsranum, ev statsvume chor ev barak. Ete karoghes ughutsun tsuyts tal sht snorhakal klinem, Artur.

    • Barev Artur jan,
      Ete xmor@ chi barcranum, uremn droji het kapvats problem ka.
      Inch tesak droj es ogtagortsum? Ka 2 tesak : arag gortsox (instant yeast) ev tesak vor@ petq e activacnel minchev ogtagortel@ (active dry yeast) , aysinqn gol jri mej 5-10 rope toxnel minchev prpri. Myus problem@ karox e linel jri taqutyun@, shat taq jur@ karox e drojin vnasel ev xmor@ chstacvi, anpayman gol jur petq e lini. Heto anpayman xmor@ dir taq texum u spasir tox lav hasunana/ barcrana . Porcir anpayman, vstah em petq e stacvi,harcer linen gri:)

  5. Hi Heghineh happy Memorial to you and your sweet family,Thank you so much for the delightful and delicious cuisine you prepare this one of my favorites I’m so proud of my Armenian talented Moms I thank you from the bottom of my Heart, God Bless you’re Family.

  6. Hi heghineh your an amazing cook and mother. I am enjoying your show very much. I was wondering if you have a potato kabob recipe you can show

    • Hello Haykouhi Jan,
      Ipthank you for your kind words,
      I don’t have a written recipe for potato kebab, but will write one and share soon,
      Have a good one!

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