Candied Lemon Recipe - Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ

Candied Lemon – Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ

Candied Lemon

These candied lemon snack quickly became my favorite snacks to go with tea. Not only they taste good but also look very pretty. You can use these as a cake or cupcake decor. Give away as an original hand crafted gift. Since I was planning to share a recipe for my lemon meringue cake, decided to do a tutorial on candied lemon snacks, as those happened to be a part of my cake decor.

Candied lemons or oranges are very simple to make if you follow quick instructions and make the syrup with right consistency.

I’ll try to be very specific and give detailed instructions 

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Candied Lemon Recipe - Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ


Candied Lemon Recipe - Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ

4-5 medium lemons or 2-3 medium oranges, ( I used 3 lemons and an orange) washed ,dried

1 cup of water

1 cup of granulated sugar

You will need a cooling rack and tongs for safe handling the hot slices

Candied Lemon Recipe - Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ

Directions for Candied Lemon

Candied Lemon Recipe - Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ

In a heavy bottom 9”-10” frypan mix water and sugar, stir and bring to a boil

Allow the syrup to simmer 5-7 minutes and to slightly reduce

Slice the lemons / oranges thin but not too thin or else they’ll crumble after they cook

As the syrup comes to the right consistency, lower the heat

Carefully immerse the slices into hot syrup and cook 3-4 minutes on each side or until the peel becomes translucent

Using tongs, remove the cooked slices from syrup and place on a cooling rack

Allow to dry out 5-7 hours or overnight

You can tumble the ready slices in granulated sugar or dip in tempered chocolate if desired

Enjoy with tea or as is

You can save these in an airtight container up to a week

Candied Lemon Recipe - Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ


Շատ փոքր չափաբաժին է 2-3 կիտրոնի համար, կարող եք կրկնապատել

1 բ ջուր (250մլ)

¾  բ շաքարավազ


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