Dried Watermelon Snack Recipe

Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe

Dried Watermelon Recipe

Back in Armenia, where I was born and raised, making dry fruits in summertime was quite common.

Dried fruit snacks were the most delicious food in wintertime, when many of the fresh fruits were no longer in season.

I can’t say that dried watermelon was very popular, but it surely was one of the hard to find ones, as not everyone would go into the hassle of slicing, peeling, cooking and drying watermelon, that would end up tasting nothing like the actual fruit.

However, I really enjoyed making these dried watermelon snacks just because of that different taste and to me they also looked quite unusual for a fruit.One may never even guess what kind of fruit it is, even after eating.
Because non of my children likes any kind of dry fruit,I don’t make a large quantity of these dried watermelon snacks, but every early Fall I make a small batch just to have it for my New Years table and as a sweet reminder of my Motherland, Armenia.

This recipe is for a very small batch, you can increase it to your preference, by just adding water- sugar to the syrup.
And I would suggest to dry these under sun if you can,that’s what I usually do,takes 1-3 days depending on how thick the fruit is and ow hot the weather is.
And of course it’ll dry just perfect in regular oven 5-8 hours, again depending on thickness

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Thank you all!

Hope you enjoy these dried watermelon snacks as much as I do:)

Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe


Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe

2 1/2 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
6-8 whole cloves
One small – medium watermelon,preferably with thick skin

Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe


Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe

Start by slicing the watermelon about 3″ wide
Try to leave some of the red part on the skin
Peel the outer green skin
Cut into 3″x 3″ diamond or square shapes
Prepare the syrup by simply boiling the water sugar and cloves for a few minutes
Remove the cloves after they boil

Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe
Carefully place the sliced watermelons into the syrup and cook 5-7 minutes on each side,or until they turn translucent
Place the cooked slices onto a lined baking pan ( you can use foil or parchment paper)
Preheat the oven to 170°F
Bake 5-8 hours or until they dry completely.Remember to turn them twice or three time during drying
Save the dried fruit in plastic ziploc bag,preferably in the fridge,up to 8 month

Dried Watermelon Snacks Recipe



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