How Do I Make Aromatic Tea

How I Make Aromatic Tea

How I Make Aromatic Tea

When tea season is here, the very first thing on my “cozy menu” takes my special aromatic tea . I make it every time our friends come to visit, and each time I serve my aromatic tea, I get so many compliments and refill requests:)

As most teas, this one is also very simple in making. All you need is a few spices and of course good quality black or earl gray tea, could be bagged or whole leaf.

I’ll share quick instructions , list of spices and hope many will give it a try and love it !

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How Do I Make Aromatic Tea


This recipe will be good for 5-7 cups of tea (6oz cup size)

2 bags or 2 teaspoons of earl gray or black tea

1 cinnamon stick

¼ tsp ground or 4-6 cloves of whole cloves

3-4 allspice seeds

1 clove or a few small grains of cardamom, optional

2-3 cups of boiling water

You will also need extra 5-7 cups of boiling water

How Do I Make Aromatic Tea


Combine tea and spices in a small ceramic or glass tea pot

Pour 2-3 cups of boiling water over , cover with lid , wrap with small blanket or towel and set in aside to simmer

Ready !

Use it with extra boiling water

Go as strong as you prefer

I normally use ¼ cup brewed tea , the rest boiling water

That’s it!

Drink good tea, eat comfort food,

stay warm and cozy !


With love ,


How Do I Make Aromatic Tea