Roasted Trout & Veggies Recipe

Roasted Trout & Veggies Recipe

Roasted Trout & Veggies

Healthy , light and delicious roasted trout with veggies that I’ve scraped out of my fridge. Sometimes the most delicious meal turns out the one you make on quick hand, without a recipe or previous planning.

Two of my favorite foods : fish and veggies , came together and made the simplest dish that tasted absolutely amazing. Roasted trout with all kinds of veggies, with pumpkin and cauliflower , tasted so delicious and flavorful. I didn’t even bother to make fresh green salad , as I normally do, with fish, the dish itself was so satisfying, definitely worth a try.

Quick directions will follow and hope many will give it a try and love it as much as I did.

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Thank you all!

Roasted Trout & Veggies Recipe


Fresh trout, about 1-2 lbs, cleaned washed

Salt pepper to marinate the fish prior roasting

You will also need:

Dried or fresh tarragon, 2-3 tbs or a few fresh branches

Olive oil 2-3 tbs

Veggies such as :

1-2 garland c cloves , crashed

Cauliflower ½ lbs, cut

Pumpkin ⅓ lbs , peeled , cubed

Green peppers, I used 9-12 shishito peppers

A few mini carrots , cherry tomatoes , 1-2 celery sticks

Lemon slices

Spice and season to taste : salt, pepper, turmeric, garlic powder, cumin, paprika

Roasted Trout & Veggies Recipe


Roasted Trout & Veggies Recipe

Start by marinating the fish, simply season with salt and pepper and set in fridge for an hour or longer

In a lined , greased baking or roasting pan arrange the fish

Put it in the center so that veggies surround and flavor it evenly

Place the crashed garlic in fish’s head, tarragon in cavity

Arrange the veggies around it, spice, season, drizzle with oil , lightly toss and cover with another piece of paper or foil

Bake at 450° / 210° F preheated oven , 25 -30 minutes covered , 5-8 minutes uncovered

Bon appetite!

Բարի ախորժակ!

Roasted Trout & Veggies Recipe