Homemade Focaccia Bread Recipe

Homemade Focaccia Bread Recipe


1½ Cup warm water
1 Tsp instant dry yeast (if using active dry yeast,activate before use)*
2½ -3 Cups all purpose flour
1 Tbs sea salt + extra to sprinkle on the dough before baking
2 Tbs olive oil (more for drizzling the baking pan & the bread )
⅓ Cup semolina
1½ Tbs honey (or sugar)
2-3 Tbs dry or fresh rosemary
1-2 Tsp ground black pepper (1 tsp crushed red hot pepper optional)
1-2 Tbs cornmeal

Focaccia Bread Recipe Focaccia Bread Recipe



In a mixing bowl combine:flour,yeast,semolina ,salt and give it a quick mix with a spoon
In another bowl combine:warm water , honey , olive oil
Slowly add liquid ingredients to flour mixture and mix all together
Add rosemary and continue kneading.It should be soft and sticky dough ,try not to add too much flour,just add as much as you need to help you knead
Drizzle a bowl with some olive oil and transfer the dough into that bowl,turn the dough to cover with oil entirely
Cover with plastic wrap and let it rise in a warm place ,about an hour or until it doubles in size
After it’s ready,take out ,punch the air out and knead for 3-4 minutes ,return to the same greased bowl for second rise, 35-45 minutes
Generously grease with olive oil a 9”x 13” ,or larger baking pan, dust with cornmeal
Remove the dough onto your working surface ,drizzle with olive oil and stretch the dough to a flat form
Transfer to your baking pan and continue stretching and dotting the dough with your fingers
Sprinkle stretched-dotted dough with sea salt,rosemary and peppers
Cover with plastic and let it rise for another 20-25 minutes
Preheat oven to 475F
Bake 15-20 minutes
After it bakes ,while it’s still hot, drizzle with more olive oil,let it sit for a few minutes before you remove from the pan, so it can absorb the oi,l and another 10 minutes before you cut it