Poached Pears Recipe - Տանձը Գինու Մեջ - Heghineh Cooking Show

Poached Pears Recipe – Տանձը Գինու Մեջ

Poached Pears Recipe Quick directions on how to make aromaticity delicious dessert with poached pears. I make these by eyeballing as I’d normally use things, spices I have on hand. It may be red or white wine, or simple water and sugar, spiced with cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, ginger root or anise . Here are quick […]

Հապալասով Մաֆին - Blueberry Muffins Recipe - Heghineh Cooking Show in Armenian

Blueberry Muffins – Հապալասով Մաֆին

Blubbery Muffins Recipe The simplest and very delicious blueberry muffins, my children’s absolute favorites . These take no time to make and require only a few simple ingredients. You can go with frozen berries if you can’t get the fresh ones. But don’t thaw when adding, just use frozen to avoid turning muffins into blue […]

Banana Cookies Recipe - Heghineh Cooking Show

Banana Cookies Recipe

Banana Cookies Recipe Sweet memories from childhood:soft and delicious banana cookies . These were probably the most creative cookies back in 80’s , when we were kids. Bananas happened to be one hard to find fruit ,exotic , not sold in regular supermarkets . This is when creativity of moms , who couldn’t afford or […]

Nutella Cake Recipe - Տորթ Նուտելլա - Heghineh Cooking Show

Nutella Cake Recipe – Տորթ Նուտելլա

Nutella Cake Recipe I was asked to make a Nutella cake Searched up the recipe online and came to realize it’s the same honey cake with vanilla buttercream but with added cocoa powder. I thought if it’s something called Nutella it has to have that chocolate spread in the recipe, therefore I decided to change […]

Aladi Recipe - Ալադի - Heghineh Cooking Show

Aladi Recipe – Ալադի

Aladi Recipe Delicious fluffy pancakes called aladi. Quick and easy to make not to mention very filling. Could become kids favorite breakfast . Wish fried food wasn’t this yummy:) Quick recipe follows  1 ½ cups plain yogurt, at room temperature 1 egg, at room temperature 3-4 tbs sugar ½ tsp baking soda 1 ½ tsp […]