Cake Paulette - Heghineh Cooking Show

Cake Paulette Recipe by Heghineh

Cake Paulette Recipe Special birthday cake for one of my YouTube follower Paulette. She’s been following both of my channels and commenting pretty much on all of my uploads, always very sweet and meaningful. She kindly asked me to bake a cake on her birthday, so I thought of making a “from scratch” recipe and […]

Pistachio Baklava Recipe - Խանումի Պորտ

Pistachio Baklava Recipe – Խանումի Պորտ

Pistachio Baklava Recipe Another sweetness from baklava pastry family : pistachio baklava as the name it’s been called with is quite unusual, if translated from Armenian: lady’s belly button. I’ll skip the name and simply call it pistachio baklava, it sounds more appropriate. The making is quite simple, yet slightly time taking. However, the the […]

Homemade Chocolate Truffles Recipe by Heghineh

Homemade Chocolate Truffles Recipe – Տրուֆել

Chocolate Truffles Recipe The best and most delicious chocolate truffles, made so simple and so easy. I stopped buying chocolate truffles the day we tasted homemade ones. Entire process of making the candies, is quite enjoyable, especially the making of ganache, which is, when cooled in fridge , rolled and fumbled in cocoa, turns into […]

Cake Orders for New Years

Bird Milk Cake Recipe

Bird Milk Cake Recipe This will be my version of a sweet goodness from our childhood, cake called bird milk, multi layered honey cake layers topped with light vanilla buttercream, covered in dark chocolate ganache. A cake so popular and so loved, that up until these days, it’s a must sweet on New Year’s dessert […]

Napoleon Recipe by Heghineh

Easy Napoleon Recipe – Հեշտ Նապոլեոն

Napoleon Recipe by Heghineh This may be the easiest Napoleon recipe you’ve ever tried , not to mention: the tastiest. I make this kind of Napoleon, just because of its simplicity and quickness , plus my girls love helping me with making them and it’s usually ready within a short period of time. I presented […]

Easy Baklava Recipe

Easy Baklava Recipe

Easy Baklava by Heghineh This version of easy baklava recipe from Armenian Cuisine can be considered the fastest , easiest and least time consuming . Unless you decide to make the puff pastry dough from scratch. Total prepping and baking time is about an hour. The result is very good looking, glossy and of course very […]

Dried Persimmons - Dried Fruit Recipes

Dried Persimmons – Dried Fruit Recipes

Dried Persimmons Recipe A real treat for gourmands or rather a sweet reminder of childhood, holidays, winter: dried persimmons. Very delightful fruit, that has a distinct taste and texture. If you never tried this delicious and healthy fruit snack , I really recommend to do so. Late fall is the time when you can start […]