Homemade Chocolate Truffles Recipe by Heghineh

Homemade Chocolate Truffles Recipe – Տրուֆել

Chocolate Truffles Recipe The best and most delicious chocolate truffles, made so simple and so easy. I stopped buying chocolate truffles the day we tasted homemade ones. Entire process of making the candies, is quite enjoyable, especially the making of ganache, which is, when cooled in fridge , rolled and fumbled in cocoa, turns into […]

Wine Popsicles - Alcohol Popsicle Recipe

Wine Popsicles – Alcohol Popsicle Recipe

Wine Popsicles Recipe These simple wine popsicles are quite refreshing as summertime treats, but only for adults. This is just a different kind of snack idea, maybe for pool parties or summertime gatherings . Since the peach Moscato happens to be my favorite fruit flavored wine, I usually make wine popsicles with that specific kind […]

Homemade Cherry Ice cream Recipe

Cherry Ice cream Recipe – Բալով Պաղպաղակ

Cherry Ice cream Recipe Refreshing and flavorful cherry ice cream with dark chocolate chips. I don’t always make ice cream at home, don’t even have an ice cream machine, but when I really crave my favorite dark chocolate cherry ice cream, I make some without thinking. As hard or complicated it may seem,or sound, this […]

Meringue Kisses Recipe - Բեզե

Meringue Kisses Recipe – Բեզե

Meringue Kisses These bite size meringue kisses are one of my favorite cake decors and sweets to go with coffee. The colored version of meringue kisses makes them even more decorative and special, so giving them away in gift bags can be a good idea. Planning to make a tutorial on a lemon meringue cake, […]

Candied Lemon Recipe - Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ

Candied Lemon – Կիտրոնի Ցուկատ

Candied Lemon These candied lemon snack quickly became my favorite snacks to go with tea. Not only they taste good but also look very pretty. You can use these as a cake or cupcake decor. Give away as an original hand crafted gift. Since I was planning to share a recipe for my lemon meringue […]

Sugar Rose Petals

How to make Sugar Rose Petals

Sugar Rose Petals These beautiful sugar rose petals can be used to decorate cakes,cupcakes or simple dessert plates. I got the idea from one of my Instagram friends posts and loved it so much, thought it’s something worth sharing. A few quick instructions and tips on how to make these, as no specific recipe is […]

Halva Bites - Armenian Sweets - Հալվա

Halva Bites – Armenian Sweets – Հալվա

Halva Bites Halva bites: delightful sweet snack from Armenian cuisine. Old days halva bites used to be made on special occasions: New Years ,weddings … Even though I don’t remember any of my grandmothers making it. I came across this recipe in an Armenian food group on Facebook , and since I’ve had quite a […]

Armenian Sharots - Շարոց

Armenian Sharots – Շարոց

Sharots Recipe It’s almost impossible to imagine an Armenian New Year’s table without dried fruits or special seasonal sweets. This traditional Armenian sweets Sharots is one of those dried snacks served on festive days. Ingredients needed are quite simple as well as the making of it. Hope you guys give it a try and enjoy […]