Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake

Something original and new this time: mini Pavlova cheesecake.

Pretty simple recipe and also very delicious, delicate dessert for your consideration. Who doesn’t like meringue or cheesecake? Therefore the combination of those two sweets came out pretty amazing. Of course some berries can be added to the cream cheese frosting . I added strawberries this time , you can add any of your favorite fruits or just go with plain cream cheese frosting. I made a small recipe for this mini pavlova cheesecake, you can always double the recipe if you like it.

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe and happy baking!

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe



Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

For the meringues 

2 egg whites, I used large eggs

⅛ tsp cream of tartar ( or ½ tsp of fresh lemon juice)

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ cup granulated white sugar

1 tsp cornstarch

⅛ tsp salt

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

For the cream cheese frosting  

4 oz (110 grams) full fat cream cheese, at room temperature

¼ cup confectioners sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ cup heavy whipping cream

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

For cheesecake crust 

⅓ cup finely crushed graham cracker cookies

1 tbs melted butter

⅛ tsp cinnamon (optional)

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

Optionally you can use berries ( blueberries,raspberries or strawberries) to top the pavlova cheesecake , or use any of your favorite toppings

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe


To make the meringues 

Preheat the oven to 240°F /120°C

Use a 3 ½” round cookie cutter and draw 4 circles on parchment paper

Line your baking pan with that parchment paper, making sure the side with marker lines is on the opposite side, set aside

Clean the mixing bowl and whisk attachment very well

Using an electric mixer beat the egg whites and cream of tartar until foamy

Start adding the sugar- starch mixture 1 tbs at a time

Scrape the bowl after last addition of sugar

Add vanilla extract

Whisk a few more minutes or until there are no more sugar granules in the meringue ( use your fingertips to check)

The final look of the meringue should be glossy and very thick

Place about 1 ½ tbs of the meringue on the circle and spread out evenly

The remaining place in a piping bag with a star tip and press even circles, refer to YouTube tutorial for more details

Bake 65-75 minutes or until the meringues are dry

Turn off the oven, slightly open the door and allow to cool down , 10-15 minutes before you remove them

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

To make the cream cheese frosting 

In a mixing bowl combine cream cheese, confectioners sugar and vanilla extract

Beat until smooth and add heavy cream, mix 1-2 minutes and set in the fridge

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

To make the cheesecake crust 

Simply mix the crushed cookie crust, melted butter and cinnamon

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

Assembling mini Pavlova cheesecake

Be sure the meringues are completely cooled

Divide the crust into 4 portions and place it on each meringue

Using a spoon ,gently tap and press the crust to the meringue

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe

Divide the cream cheese filling into 4 portions and place some on each meringue

Spread evenly to cover the crust

Top with your favorite berries or cheesecake topping and enjoy!

Mini Pavlova Cheesecake Recipe